EIA:The Revolution Campaign

Loikkaa: valikkoon, hakuun

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Game information

Victory point goals

  • Austria 880
  • Britain 940
  • France 890
  • Turkey 780
  • Prussia 790
  • Russia 881
  • Spain 775
  • Sweden 665

Initial setup

Political track

Starting positions:

  • France N1
  • Britain N6
  • Austria N6
  • Prussia N9
  • Russia N10
  • Spain N4
  • Turkey N1
  • Sweden N1

Initial forces and money

France, cash: 15$

  • Land: 38I, 4C, 3 depots
  • Naval: 8s, 2t

Russia, cash: 40$

  • Land: 65I, 2C, 2Gd, 4 depots
  • Naval: 4s, 2t

Prussia, cash: 20$

  • Land: 32I, 4C, 4 depots
  • Naval: None

Austria, cash: 25$

  • Land: 42I, 3C, 2Gd, 5 depots
  • Naval: None

Spain, cash: 40$

  • Land: 11I, 3 depots
  • Naval: 9s, 1t

Great Britain, cash: 15$

  • Land: 7I, 1C, 1 depots
  • Naval: 18s, 2t

Turkey, cash: 25$

  • Land: 3I, 3 depots
    • Turkey has all feudals as in a standard (1805 or Phase III) EiA scenario
  • Naval: 2s, 3t


  • Land: 23I, 8C
  • Intially all used Ottoman corps must be set to their own home provinces

Sweden, cash: 15$

  • Land: 11I, 1 depot
  • Naval: 6s

Initially conquered minors


  • Free states: None
  • Conquered: Flanders, Berg, Lombardy


  • Free states: Hanover
  • Conquered: Gibraltar


  • Free states: Kingdom of two Sicilies (Naples & Sicily)
    • Changes control to the same side as emigres when émigrés are placed on board and will fight against France as long as Emigree’s exist. After Émigré’s are gone, Naples becomes neutral and forces are recorded for later use. Naples fighting against France is considred minor vs major war, but there is no lapse of war. (ie. Only France can conquer Naples
  • Corsica is a French province, not a minor country.


  • Free states: None
  • Conquered: Kleves, Palatinate, Saxony, Duchies


  • Free states: None
  • Conquered: None
  • Georgia does not produce Cossacks until Russia has fought Persia without losing control of Tiflis.
  • Crimea has been ceded to Turkey
  • Poland is a Russian protectorate


  • Free states: None
  • Conquered: Tuscany, Romagna


  • Conquered: Crimea, Rhodos
  • Free states: Ottoman empire is in existence with all participant countries, with total forces 23I, 8C. Ottoman empire is dissolved 1799 January (or earlier if Turkey enters Fiasco zone) all participant nations becoming independent regardless of who is in control. Their starting forces also reset to 1805 campaign start values.


  • Core provinces: Sweden, Finland, Mecklenburg
  • Free states: none
  • Conquered: none

Player notes & hints


If Turkey and Russia fight, Austria has several options. Attacking France is tempting, but if Turkey and Russia come to peace, Austria might end up in serious trouble. Alliance with Prussia is imperative, as usual.


Borderline boring. Sit back, look for an opportunity to destroy a (French) fleet and build up. Nevermind peace of Amiens. It is (likely) SO far away in the future, that you can build your army to full size and lose it in battles all over again. Several times.

The only danger in sight is an early coalition aiming for bringing your naval superiority down. France and Spain are the obvious belligerents, likely backed up by Sweden. More uncommon members of the coalition are either Turkey or Russia and Kingdom of Two Sicilies.

If a strong coalition between France, Spain and Sweden is formed you are faced with dire threat of invasion, the Irish revolt and an unconditional surrender. Try to pry some of the belligerents away from the coalition. Spain and Sweden are the most likely defectors, in that order. Sweden wants to see you sink but is too afraid not to take a deal when offered one, Spain on the other hand only wants you to wear down your fleets while not letting France get the upper hand. A conditional peace deal is something Spain will likely accept and if Sweden sees the deal coming, he'll also back out of the war, leaving you alone with France, in which case you again hold the upper hand and can go back to "borderline boring."

If the coalition does not waver, look for Russia or Turkey for backup in your predicament, for there is nothing you can do to keep the SFS tri-party coalition from uniting their fleets.

Don’t forget that Russia/Austria/Turkey could grow to such a force that you must treat them like “France”.


Sacre bleu! They are big and you are small! This is not the France of 1805! Think defense. If Austria or Prussia attacks (or both!), you might be better off surrendering early. Bide your time, France will rise. And pay attention to the revolution. It is not all bad.

You should heavily advocate an early (1st turn) naval coalition against Great Britain. Fighting the naval war will cost you a ton as you lose the British trade and Louis' financial politics kick in very soon. However, if you can get both Sweden and Spain on your side to form a tri-party coalition, their meager income may quite likely be there to keep you afloat, especially in case Prussia and Austria come a-knocking on British commands.

If the naval coalition is formed, be wary of Spain turning his coat. It may even be to your benefit to only beat the British navy and trigger the Irish revolt, but not make any real attempts at an invasion into British proper. If the coalition can get a peace deal, even conditional, from Britain after they have lost Ireland, you're very well off, on the conditional that you're not getting beaten up by Austria and Prussia.

Even though you do want to sink the British, it is something that should not be done hastily nor with Spanish or even Swedish help, for if the sinking of the island hangs on naval superiority or naval supply guaranteed by Spain or Sweden, you can count on it that Great Britain will try to buy away from you.

Sweden is your dear companion in the coalition, but he can also betray you if Spain turns his coat. To counter this you should offer Sweden some concessions on the mainland, for instance Hanover may be to his liking, in addition to the obvious Denmark. Sweden is also a strategically important ally because of the supply point in Mecklenburg. If he can keep that and you get to use it, beating Prussia is easy as pie.


Weak – yes. Surrounded by stronger countries – yes. Don’t lose your army. Get your share of Poland in co-operation with someone else or it will be too expensive. Other than that, fight only when you know you are going to win with light losses. All manpower you can sock up for later is like money in the bank.


War with Turkey is expensive, but you have no choice. Russian army is by far the strongest on board, but you are missing key elements of your money and manpower base. Beat on Turkey until he submits, then the focus must be Poland.

Be wary of a Swedish pincer aimed at St Petersburg. Losing the city could well bring you down to a level where you're forced to surrender and that is not acceptable.


Good news is France won't bother you for a long while. Bad news is, Britain is pretty much free to do what he wants. Turkey is way too strong early in the game and minors are all somehow unreachable but maybe Papacy may be thinkable.

Unfortunately Austria will likely go after your Italian minors. There is nothing much you can do about that as long as you lack free naval movement.

An early (1st turn) naval coalition against Great Britain is definetly to your liking but only if it does not sink the island. A tri-party coalition with you, Sweden and France against Great Britain is nigh unstoppable if properly handled and because of that you must be wary to keep your stabbing dagger close to your hand.

Britain losing Ireland is quite okay, but France getting an invasion force into England proper is pushing it a bit too far. Back out of the war with a nice conditional deal with the British right when the tide has turned from a slight advantage to the coalition dominating the fight. Co-operation with Sweden is a good idea, you don't want them suffering alongside France after the deal is done and they will likely be happy to take a conditional surrender too.

If the situation turns too heavily into coalition domination you must seriously concider turning against France to keep Great Britain from going under. Sweden may or may not join you in this, it is not to either of your benefit if the British are removed from the board, but Sweden suffers far less from it, having free reign to take Denmark and quite possibly gaining naval superiority at least as long as he can trust you to fight against the French fleet alongside him. You however will end up in a world of pain if France doesn't have Britain keeping him under check.

Think defence. No, think turtle. Spain can't afford any adventurism early on.


Oh yes! Muslim power! Look at Austria tremble when you threaten with war. Bad news is, you are at war with a monster Russia. If you can win that war, dominant status will eventually be your reward. The cost for trying is likely to be high on PPs, but if you can stay afloat on PPs, you will eventually wear them out and win. You are not outnumbered. Money is still a serious problem.


Sweden has a lot of options to choose from, but with your very limited forces it is not an easy choice. On the table are attacking Russia, defending (and possibly later on even attacking) against Prussia, attempting to sink Great Britain and finally attacking Denmark.

The naval coalition against Britain seems promising, but be careful as it may well turn against you, as the coalition may quickly turn into a world war in which you will most likely lose.

If you are not part of a naval coalition but France and Spain set up a fleet in being -strategy (or an outright naval coalition), you may have a chance at stealing Denmark. As long as there is a naval war being fought between Britain and the lesser French-Spanish coalition, you have a shot at conquering Denmark. It is, however, a dangerous operation that can cost you everything you have, so tread carefully. An alliance with Britain is quite necessary to even try this operation, for otherwise he will only declare war on you after the first month of war with Denmark, gaining the Danish ships against you. The only way to avoid this is to gamble on you winning the war against Denmark on the first round, thus not giving Britain the time to use those ships for more than one month. It is, however, a long shot. The best time to try is when Britain has it's navy occupied deep in the Mediterranean in such a way that he cannot come and sink your ships even if he uses his double move.

The attack against Russia is pretty much the most interesting option. With a well concerted pincer attack between you and Turkey you have a chance at bringing the Russian bear to it's knees. All it needs is you taking St Petersburg while the bear is looking the other way or a lucky fight between Russia and Turkey on the southern border. However, since your starting force is so pathetic, this requires Russia to setup next to no forces is St Petersburg. Even two corps may be too much, or even a single corps. If there is a proper defense force in St Petersburg, you should build your forces and wait for a chance to open up. Taking St Petersburg isn't impossible, but it does need a tiny smidgen of luck.

Finally defending against Prussia is your most dangerous option. Even if you setup your full army in Mecklenburg you have no real chance of fighting against the might of the Prussian army. Your only hope is that France will also loom over Prussia, promising to bring a world of hurt on him and his minors if he does not leave you alone. At the same time France probably needs Spain to give the same threat to Austria. Basically this setup boils down to the SPS tri-party naval coalition against Britain but taking it a step further into a world war with you, France, Spain and Turkey going against Britain, Austria, Prussia and Russia. Again, careful, Sweden is a likely loser in this gamble.

Your corps in Mecklenburg will likely end up being largely defeated but a French relief force should be headed your way very soon, changing the scene quite heavily. If you can keep Mecklenburg to yourself long enough for the French to bring in force matching the Prussian one, you're well on your way to victory on the mainland, for a French army supplied from a Swedish held Mecklenburg is likely to keel Prussia very quickly. Your aim in this war is to get a peace of one sort or another from Prussia, keeping Mecklenburg as Swedish. Getting Pommerania would be brilliant, but don't place any bets, even peace is enough since it gives you a free pass into Hamburg and that way lies, again, taking over Denmark. If Britain ends up having to surrender, you're well on your way to proclaiming the Baltic yours.

The World War

One of the most likely openings in the campaign is an all out war with RAPE (Russia, Austria, Prussia, England) vs TERRoristi (Turkki, Espanja, Ranska, Ruotsi). The side that organizes first has enormous advantage, however, this world war is hardly to the benefit of the smaller countries. Britain and Russia are almost certain winners, even if their side loses and so is France.The world war can be to the advantage of the smaller countries too if their side wins big or they manage to switch sides at a good time.

First blows of the war will be naval with TERRoristi slowly gaining an edge which it will likely lose as war goes on. The main front is France vs Prussia&Austria and that's where the war will be decided. France will have the early edge, but if the Prussia can stay afloat, German numbers are likely to turn the tide.

Britain benefits enormously from the world war. Trade ships with the coalition aggressively and build your hulks. Keep your army at home until naval superiority is achieved. There is no fear of large scale invasion and your side has a large economic advantage. Also, you have once in a lifetime chance to destroy opposing fleets.

Russia benefits as well. You are much out of the war, glaring the Turks over Crimean border, but there is no fear of Swedish pincer attack and Turkey will get no economic assistance.

France gains mainly due to Swedish help at Mecklenburg and annihilation of Prussian troops. It is unlikely you can lose the war before the track saves you, but it is quite possible to win it. Massive Prussian losses are almost certain.

Spain needs to commit heavily in the war. That's how balance is achieved. At the end of the war, you will likely lose your pieces of Italy, which is okay. Good opportunities to switch sides come after TERRoristi is winning.

Austria is hard pressed on three fronts, but situation isnt quite that bad. You are rich and Turks are just a nuisance. You have some strategic freedom and that is your best weapon.

Turkey isnt really losing much in the war. Winning against Russia is impossible without help, but Russia isnt getting any either. Surrendering to Russia to switch troops against Austria isnt quite as effective as it may seem, but it is an option.

Prussia is a big loser here. It is not certain, but large battles against superior French/Swedish forces are likely. Of course, Britain and Austria will help you rebuild afterwards, so it is not the end of the world. If RAPE loses, Prussia loses big time, so regardless of the cost, you must commit completely.

Sweden only benefits from the war if Sweden becomes a major naval power as a result. With what money? You are building against Britain alone or with Spanish help while paying the French supply. It is not an impossible task, but extremely difficult. Any other result will mean surrendering to Britain, Russia and Prussia after the world war ends, regardless of which side wins. You can also win by switching sides early, before Spain does.

The bottom line is, that RAPE has enormous economic advantage over TERRorist. Thus, to win, TERRorist needs to achieve some sort of advantage to counter this. Surprise seems most likely, since there is little incentive to form RAPE if TERRorist does not exist.