EIA:Rise of Nationalism scenario

Loikkaa: valikkoon, hakuun



This scenario is about the events that occurred at the second half of the 19th century. The game starts with the Crimean war between an almost dominant Russia and the coalition of Great Britain, the Second French Empire, Kingdom of Piedmont-Sardinia and Turkey. The middle game is covered with the volatile tensions between Britain and France. Sardinia, taking the role of Spain from the traditional (1805 or Phase III) EiA scenario, is forced to field anxious campaign for the unification of Italy, lead by Giuseppe Garibaldi.

However the whole scenario is built up to see Prussia rising to the first of the equals and the birth of the German Empire. The scenario introduces Prussian Landtag, which is a political side-game played partly with the combat rules of the traditional EiA, with all the flavors of Otto von Bismarck's infamous Blood and Iron speech.

General scenario information

Initial setup

Victory point goals

  • Austria 520
  • Britain 605
  • France 530
  • Turkey 470
  • Prussia 540
  • Russia 550
  • Sardinia 500

Political setup

  • Austria N7
  • Britain N9
  • France N4
  • Turkey N1
  • Prussia N5
  • Russia D1
  • Sardinia N3

Existing wars:

  • GB vs Russia
  • France vs Russia
  • Turkey vs Russia
  • Sardinia vs Russia

Existing alliances:

  • GB, France, Sardinia and Turkey are all initially allied

Initial forces and money

SS stands for Steamship.

  • Austria, cash $13
    • Land: 100 I, 14 mC, 5 Gd, 7 depots
    • Navy: 4 SS, $20
  • France, cash $25
    • Land: 85 I, 19 mC, 3 Gd, 4 depots
    • Navy: 10 SS, $600
  • Great Britain, cash $55
    • Land: 45 I, 6 lC, 0 Gd, 2 depots
    • Navy: 12 SS, $1400
  • Prussia, cash $18
    • Land: 65 I, 18 mC, 2 Gd, 5 depots
    • Navy: 2 SS, $30
  • Russia, cash $45
    • Land: 105 I, 15 mC, 5 Gd, 6 depots,
    • St.Petersburg navy: 6 SS, $500
    • Sevastopol navy: 5 SS, $520
    • Increased portguns: Sevastopol and Sveaborg have 150 port guns.
  • Sardinia, cash $10
    • Land: 41 I, 6 mC, 2 depots
    • Navy: 2 SS, $300
  • Turkey, cash $11
    • Land: 45 I, 8 mC, 2 depots
    • Navy: 1 SS, $290

Notes for initial forces

  • Players are allowed to buy ships to their navies with the amount of money mentioned on the navy section of their country.
    • No steamships may be purchased using the navy money.
  • Hannover has starting forces of 8 I / 2 C.
  • French units can be setup in Papal State
La Légion étrangère

In addition to initial forces, French corps XII is placed in Constantinople at full strength. If France loses the Crimean War the corps is disbanded permanently unless France gains dominant status.

Initially conquered minors


  • Conquered: Venice, Lombardy, Berg, Kleves, Wallachia.
  • Free states: Bavaria, Wurttenburg.


  • Conquered: Gibraltar, Malta, Corfu
  • Free states: Holland (no ships, includes Flanders), Greece (see EiA:Greece Track).


  • Conquered: Palatinate, Algeria
  • Free states: None


  • Conquered: Mecklenburg, Duchies
  • Free states: None


  • Conquered: None
  • Free states: None


  • Conquered: None
  • Free states: None


  • Conquered: Rhodos, Palestine
  • Free states: Syria

Player notes&hints


Your position on the board is excellent for attack and terrible for defense. Economically, you are very strong. Strike while the iron is hot.


Crimean War is mostly your responsibility, which is fine - it is a war you want to fight. Dont over-extend your fleets, support the Turks and win.


Don't invest much in the Crimean War. There's very little for you to gain and much to lose. Your focus is Italy or Germany or both. However, Turkey is a likely ally in the future as well. Crimean War dragging on is to your advantage, but losing it is not.


Landtag. You are not much inferior to Austria or France early on, but due to your poor economy, that will change. Seek economic boosts through conquest and railroads.


The Crimean War is your focus, but dont go overboard. Losing the war is okay. Just make the British pay for it and dont lose too many ground troops fighting the war, unless you think you can win. If you have a shot at winning, take it.


For south Italy, peace is all you need. If you can have that, uniting Italy is relatively simple business. If you have to get through a surrender, it's something you may want to think about. Remember, getting beat early will also get you friends.

For north, well there's Austria. Take it easy and just watch the development of the board positions. Eventually the Austrian Eye must turn away from Italy and your door opens. Just don't take sides too early. If Austria attacks you, don't give him any fights, garrison your provinces, retreat to your islands and SCREAM for help. It will come, maybe even from unpredictable sources.

Because of Turkey's ambitions against Austria, it may be a good idea to push for a fast victory in the Crimean War. Turkey is a powerful friend.


Crimean war is an absolute must. Good thing you got the most important country squarely in your camp - England. After that is done, go after Austria or Africa or both (in that order) Don't go overboard updating the army.