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Flavory bits:

Real name: John Walker Nickname: Wires (tho he won't normally tell you that, asking to be called Walker)

Appearance (first impression): Walker is tall (around 2m), slender (70kg or so), short haired, pointy eared and obviously not happy about it. He moves efficiently and briskly. He seems to always be in uniform or at least in army/firewatch gear, always carrying a pistol openly if possible. He tends to have a quite big bald eagle on his shoulder (It's a BIG bird - 60-70cm high when sitting - so it looks a wee bit comical) or flying around when outside. His hands and wrists have several slashing scars.

Sharp (for the ones who didn't buy him drinks): Sharp looks like a soldier who's just come from the jungle, dirty, but not smelling too bad. He's in old field gear, without a helmet, a huge cigar in his mouth and a flamethrower on his back. He is always alert, looking around and sneaking keeping the flamethrower at the ready.

Behavior (something you know if you have trained with him for a while): Walker is a perfectionist - he'll insist that every exercise is done again and again until it is done perfectly. He's also silent except when he has something to say about the job at hand. When he does speak, he speaks in short efficient sentences with a clear, deep voice a bit at odds with his slight frame. If he thinks someone isn't concentrating or motivated enough, he tells them that, very loudly and in great detail. That said, he doesn't yell at people when they are trying. You can find him training when everyone else has gone home and training on the weekends. Also now that he has finished training, he has a habit of coming to work on Mondays obviously hung over.

Something you get if you buy him enough drinks: His expression softens as the drinks keep coming and after a while he becomes quite friendly and talkative, telling all sorts of warstories (mainly from the Middle East and Africa) and if prodded the right way, you can direct him so that you can find out:

That his childhood was lousy due to his father's drinking and the lousy area. He was also bullied and beaten quite regularly and he had to join a gang quite young for protection, but was never really accepted nor included and therefore managed to concentrate to get trough school (tho just barely). After that he'll tell you excitedly about his awakening at 15, his teacher (who, if you believe him, is the strongest magician ever to grace the world with his presence) and his mait-tete, Cross (a spirit of a superhero or something apparently during the second world war).

He joined the military at 17 and got into special forces. He got promoted fast and got quite a few medals too. Apparently he had been promoted pretty fast to master sergeant and had even been recommended for officer training, but he had turned it down for the time being. Then he'll tell you more warstories. You can really see he really enjoyed being a soldier - every story he tells, his face lights up and he seems to forget to drink.

You can also find out that he's called wires among his friends (and enemies). It comes from the fact that he hasn't really had time to train properly and hence has to rely on skillwires for things. Way too many things for his liking and he's constantly trying to train things he needs, but it seems as though he never has the time.

If you ask why he left the military, you can sense you stepped into a mine - the smile on his face vanishes and he'll signal for his eagle to come to him (yeah it's with him even there tho not on his shoulder when he drinks) and it shapeshifts into a soldier in old field gear, without a helmet, a huge cigar in his mouth and a flamethrower on his back. "Meet Sharp, he's a real hardass - bought it in the Vietnam war in the 1960'ies. Wanna tell us about the beach thing?" And he does. A bit after Sharp starts, Walker tells you he has to go take a leak and he doesn't come back. Sharp prevents you from following Walker. To the point of physically preventing you from following him for a few minutes telling you to "give the man some space". After Sharp is done with his story, he'll tell you that he's going too and promptly vanishes.


Race 30BP Attribs 240BP Active Skills 72BP Qualities -5BP Gear 50BP Magic 33BP 400BP

Attribs 141 Active Skills 64 Magic 29 Ally 66 300

Elf (30BP)

Attribs (220BP+141 karma) Body 5 (40BP) Agility 6 (40BP) Reaction 5 (42 karma) Strenght 2 (6 karma) Charisma 7 (40BP) Intuition 3 (20BP) Logic 3 (15 karma) Willpower 5 (40BP) Edge 3 (15 karma) Magic 7 (40BP+63 karma) Essence 5.06

Active Skills (72BP+64 karma+96000): Spellcasting 6 (24BP) Counterspelling 4 (16BP) Summoning 4 (Spirits of Man) (16BP+2 karma) Binding (Guardian spirits) 4 (16BP+2 karma) Automatics 5 (assault rifles) (34 karma) Perception 2 (8 karma) Etiquette (Military) 2 (10 karma) Leadership 1 (4 karma) Survival 1 (4 karma) Pistols 4 (12000) Infiltration 4 (12000) Shadowing 2 (6000) Demolitions 2 (6000) Intimidate 2 (6000) Con 2 (6000) Unarmed 2 (6000) First aid 2 (6000) Navigation 2 (6000) Pilot groundcraft (2-wheeled) 2 (6000) Gymnastics 4 (12000) Run 2 (6000) Climbing 2 (6000)

Knowledge skills (using only the free points): Military tactics and strategy 3 Police procedures 4 Military procedures 2 The Law 2 Evidence collection and crime scenes 1

Qualities (-5): Mage 15 Mentor Spirit 5 (mechanically Sun) Focused Consentration 10 Addiction (mild) Alcohol -5 Incompetent astral combat -5 Heroic -15 (You can't turn down a plea for help, even if the source may be suspect. You must make a Composure test (4) to turn your back on any cry for help from any source a source that is already familar to you as a liar or a betrayer gets no such consideration, however.) Phobia Kids -10 (Common, mild) (-1 to all but resist) Sinner 0 Geas (gesturing) 0

Gear: (50BP) (149500) Power focus force 2 50000 Sustaining Focus force 4 40000 Muscle Toner 2 16000 Platelet Factories 25000 Skillwires 4 (alpha) 16000 Suzuki Mirage 6500 Crappy comlink Booze Some misc stuff I've forgotten

Magic (33BP+29karma): 2*Initiation=29 karma (taking channeling and ally conjuring for metamagics) Focus bonding 6BP 9 spells=27BP Stunbolt Stunball Powerbolt Improved invisibility Increase reflexes Heal Influence Levitate Crank

Ally (66 karma): Force 6 (48 karma) Additional form (2 karma) Powers: Astral Form, Banishing Resistance, Realistic Form, Sapience, Sense Link, Concealment, Movement, Psychokinesis, Flight, Engulf (guideance), Elemental Attack Skills (10 karma): Assensing, Astral Combat, Dodge, Perception, Unarmed Combat, Exotic Ranged Weapon, Spellcasting Spells (6 karma): Heal, Stunball