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Half-orc wizard evocation lvl 9
Neutral Medium Humanoid (orc)

Init +3
Senses darkvision 60 ft; Perception +12
Speed 30 ft.

AC 14 (+3 Dex)
HP 37
Fort +6; Ref +9; Will +9; CMD 16


  • ranged touch attack +7
  • melee quarterstaff +6, 1d6+2, 20/×2

CMB +6


Ray of Frost, Dancing Lights, Flare, Light, Electrick Jolt, Sonic Snap

Level 1

Light of Lumia, Ray of Flame, Magic Missile, Burning Hands, Tenser's Floating Disk, Shocking Grasp

Level 2

Scorching Ray, Electrick Vengeance, Flaming Sphere, Shatter

Level 3

Fireball, Lightning Bolt, Diamond Spray, Blacklight

Level 4

Shout, Ball Lightning, Wall of Fire, Resilient Sphere

Level 5

Fire Snake, Cone of Cold

Str 15, Dex 16, Con 11, Int 19, Wis 15, Cha 13
BAB +4


Spell Focus Evocation
Weapon Focus Ranged Touch Attack
Spell Penetration
Empower Spell
Greater Spell Penetration
Greater Spell Focus

Arcane +10
Dungeoneering +10
History +10
Religion +10
Use Magic Device +10
Nature +9
Perseption +6

Languages Common, Undercommon, Draconic, Dwarven, Terran
Special Qualities

half-orc: darkvision 60 ft; wizard: spells, spellbook, school (evocation), immediate magic, focused specialist

Special Abilities

  • Focused Specialist: lose one general spellslot per level, gain two specialized spell slots per level. (Effectively: +1 spell slot per level.)
  • Immediate Magic (Su) (activation: immediate reaction; int mod/day)
    • Tarkasta nimi (evocation): kuvaus.