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Level 12 Paladin of Iomedae
Lawful good angel-blooded aasimar

After dealing with the aftermath of the undead invasion of Wati, Dimethyl was sent by his church to Tephhu to acquire the dangerous artifact from the suspicious wizards, and put an end to the evil cult. Dimethyl is already getting a bit senile and near sighted, but his acute sense of fairness and deep voice make him very convincing and likeable. He hates undead above everything else and thinks angels are pretty cool.

Init +3
Senses Perception -2, Darkvision 60 ft
Speed 30 ft fly

AC 10
HP 105
Resist 5 negative energy
Special They do not lose hit points when they gain a negative level, +2 bonus on saving throws against death effects, energy drain, negative energy, and spells or spell-like abilities of the necromancy school. +2 stabilize saving throw
Fort +17 +2 evil, immune disease
Ref +11 +2 evil
Will +13 +2 evil, immune fear, immune charm, +4 kavereille
CMD 28


  • BAB 12
  • CMB +19
  • ranged
  • melee Falchion +23/+18/+13 2d4+13 15-20/x2 +1 dmg vs undead, +4 to confirm crits
  • Power attack +20/+15/+10 2d4+22

Spells and spellikes

CL 9
Save DC 15+spell level

Spells per day
level 1: 4

  • Rally point 10 min, +2 morale attack, saves, +18 temp HP
  • Grace swift, move doesn't provoke
  • Hero's defiance
  • Hero's defiance immediate, lay on hands self when below 0 hp

Level 2: 3

  • Invisibility
  • Litany of eloquence swift, language, 1 round facinate
  • Litany of eloquence

Level 3: 2

  • Invisibility
  • Burst of speed swift, +20 speed, move doesn't provoke
  • Detect Evil (Sp) at will
  • Smite Evil (Su) 4/day +Cha atk +lvl dmg, eka osuma +2*lvl dmg jos ehdot täyttyy, bypass DR, +cha AC deflection
  • Divine Bond (Sp) +2 2/day standard, light, +3 (1 flaming 2 speed, holy, axiomatic 4 brilliant energy) enhancement 1 min/level
  • Lay On Hands (Su) 11/day Swift self, standard ally, +6d6, cure fatigued, staggered, exhausted, paralyzed
  • Channel Positive Energy (Su) 6d6, 30 ft
  • Alter self 1/day +2 str, 1 min/level
  • Quick runner's shirt 1/day swift moveksi


Belt of giant strength +4
Cracked dusty rose ioun stone
Falchion +3
Griffon mane Cloak of resistance +2
Headband of alluring charisma +2
Boots of the cat
Quick runner's shirt

Potion of cure light wounds

Rahaa 0 pp, -900 gp, 0 sp, 0 cp

Wanted Boots of speed
Ring of featherfall

Stats and skills

Str 25 Dex 10 Con 14 Int 8 Wis 7 Cha 20

Diplomacy 12+5+3=20
Acrobatics 0+0=0 fly +2
Linguistics 1+2-1
Sense motive 0+2-2
Religion 1+1+3=5
Languages Common, Celestial, Infernal, Ancient osirian

Feats Weapon focus (falchion), Power attack, Improved critical, Critical focus, Angelic blood, Angel Wings
Traits Reactionary, Undead crusader

  • Aura of Good (Ex)
  • Divine Grace (Su)
  • Aura of Courage (Su)
  • Divine Health (Ex)
  • Aura of Resolve (Su)
  • Mercy (Su), fatigue, stagger, exhaust, paralyzed
  • Truespeaker
  • Deathless spirit
  • Aura of Justice