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Key of Humanity

Special key, to represent characters slowly fading humanity. If there is no rules left to be broken, beast takes control and last shred of humanity is lost. These are beast called wight and will be put down, by mortals or by kindred, no one will miss these things.

1xp:	Resist temptation of commiting crime against underlying rules of humanity
3xp:	Maintaining humanity leaves you worse of than forgetting those rules, you are harmed
Buyoff:	Break the rule and feel no remorse

Key of Bloodthirst

1xp:	Express lust for warm blood
3xp:	Drink blood from human or greater
Buyoff:	Drink (non-human) animal blood

Key of Sire

1xp:	Sire is in the scene
2xp:	Sire misuses her powers over childe
5xp:	Sire inflicts injuries
Buyoff: Assault sire with intent of harming her

Key of Blood bond

1xp:	Blood bond affects your actions
3xp:	Perform services for the regnant
Buyoff:	Escape form the regnants grip

Key of Clan

1xp:	Express being part of your clan
2xp:	Interest of Clan cause problems
5xp:	Advance inside clans hierarchy
Buyoff:	Denounce yourself from politics of the clan


Animal Ken (I)
Bargaining (I)
Charm (I)
Craftwork (I)
Deceit (I)
Music (I)
Thievery (I)
Vagrancy (I)
Brawl (V)
Hard Work (V)
Sports (V)
Melee (V)
Archery (V)
Housework (R)
Speak (R)
Storytell (R)

Cultural abilities


Dueling (V)
Etiquette (I)
History (R)
Medicine (R)


Leadeship (I)
Combat (V)
Tactics (R)

Vampiric abilities

Quell the Beast (?)

Used to resist temptation to succumb to will of the Beast

  • Awakening on time of daylight
  • Not Feeding when hungry or stopping feeding to prevent murder
  • Resisting Rötschreck(Fear of fire)
  • Resisting frenzy

Discipline abilities

Unlocking secrets opens mystic abilities for vampires to use, for example Vampiric Strength at 2 and secret of Potence and Celerity gives ability to move at speed of 70km/h and strength comparable to that of two horses. Typically only clan disciplines are available for purchase.

Vampiric Strength(V)

  • Potence
1:Strength of two man
2:Strength of two horses
3:Strength of two elephants
  • Fortitude
1:Durability of Kindred has increased
2:Skin is strong as crodiles scales
3:Skin is strong as metal. Can even survive moments in sunlight
  • Celerity
1:Able to run at speed of 40km/h
2:Able to run at speed of 70km/h
3:Able to run at speed of 130km/h

Vampiric Mind control(R)

  • Presence
1:Induce awe or dread
2:Create need to someone to please Kindred
3:Appear as absolute power and authority|Summon
  • Dominate
1:Give commands
2:Rewrite memories up to removing sense of self and in all purposes making a slave
  • Obfuscate
1: Hide from sight
2: mask your face | Vanish in front of someone
3: Use your powers to others
  • Animalism
1:Speak with animals|summon animals of certain type
2:Make animal to submit|Posses animal
3:Send frenzy of Beast into another person

Vampiric Mysticism(I)

  • Protean
1:Can see in dark and may turn hands into claws
2:Melt into earth to rest and ability to shapechange into animal
3:Turn into mist
  • Obtenebration
1:Control shadows, even to obscure light sound and heat
2:Summon shadow tentacles to assist you or create temporary shadow objects
3:Transforms into pure shadow 
  • Auspex
1:Increase senses to superhuman levels or even perceive auras
2:Telepathy, either probe or communicate
3:Travel reality in astral form



Humanity will degrade if character feel no remorse for her actions. Only crimes up to current level of humanity matter

6 Theft
5 Injuring person or livelihood
4 Accidental violation(feeding vessel dry by accident)
3 Impassioned violation(manslaughter)
2 Planned violation(murder)
1 Casual violation(taking life for convenience)

If humanity drops to 3, character develops derangement of some sort. Malkavians develop derangements more easily, they will develop derangement when humanity drops to 4, and again when it drops to 2(they also develop one when embraced)

If humanity drops to 0, only the Beast is left. These things are called wight, and are hunted down by Kindred for compromising masquerade. Some several millennium old vampires are rumored to lose their humanity in course of so long time, they never noticed themselves dying and the Beast taking over.


Remorse is not something you can just say you do. To get over it, you need mental strength, time and willingness to move forward. But crime you committed will cause harm to you. If you commit crime against your humanity, and say you feel remorse, you assign yourself a harm equal to difference of your level and level which would not consider your crime a crime. For example: if level 6 humanity commits theft, but feels remorse, he should assign 1 harm(R). If instead he would have committed murder he should assign 5 harm(R). If murder was committed by someone with humanity 3, he would need to mark harm as only 2.

Healing this harm will occur only during a sleep. If vampire goes voluntary torpor, all such harm will be healed.

If taking harm is not a option player is willing to do, player may also choose to give vampire a new derangement. This represents how character cannot cope with crime he has committed.


If vampire can't see better day in near future, or wound he has suffered are too great, or vampire is simply riddled with guilt, he succumb into torpor. How long this will last, depends on vampire. Torpor will heal all vampires harm, expect for humanity he has lost. All blood will fade from vampire(so that all pools will be empty on wakening) during a torpor, unless someone keeps vampire fed. Vampire can still rise from this, but it will require time. Legend says that some truly old and powerfull vampires can affect world even when in slumbering in torpor. Closer person is to his human side, less he desires to slumber and rising from torpor is easier.

6 Two weeks
5 One month
4 One year
3 One decade
2 Five decades
1 One century
0 Millenia


In so insane world, only insane would remain sane. Wounds to your mind are expected as you struggle to maintain last drops of humanity you have. Here to help player is list of some derangements that Kindred might develop. Key can be developed to fit these


Whenever you overfeed, you can still only fill one pool, as you waste extra blood out of shame. Quelling the Beast has one extra penalty die when feeding.


Little misleading, as this is fear to place which has no good way to escape. Character need to Quell the Beast if trying to enter or Beast will start to run. Difficulty depends on how hard it is to escape from place


You cannot feel extreme feelings. You get 1 bonus die to each Quell the beast attempt. Instead of needing one day to use one point from pool to heal mental harm from remorse, you need to use your whole pool, but receive benefit from only one.

Disassociative Blood-Spending

When using points from pool to roll, you also use one point from some other pool. This happens only once a night, as you will be more careful next time, until you again forgot that when sleeping.

Feeding Phobia

Diseases can be scary thing to immortals, as there is long time to suffer from ill effects. Also sometimes whole idea of drinking blood might disgust or fear of unwanted blood bonding. Whatever reason, vampire cannot anymore force himself to feed. As feeding is needed for survival, vampire has only one tool to do it. Let some else to do it, the Beast. Typically the Beast needs to be hungry to start feeding, so this might be hard task. Character need to use Quell the Beast for its opposite function, to draw the Beast out to feed, unless the Beast is already hungry.


When facing immense stress, character goes into autopilot that tries to remove stressful element. Resist(R) roll can be used to let character maintain control, 1 gives character sometime to fix situation by himself, 2 lets character to stay in control in stressful situation.


Why would I stop drinking when I'm thirsty. 2 extra penalty die, if trying to feed in a manner that lefts some blood in a victim and some of own pools non-full.


Stress lets the Beast out. You need to try to Quell the Beast when encountering stressful situation


When encountering failure, vampire enters into state of depression, followed by manic state. When encountering success, order is reverse. When in depressed, vampire cannot use vigor pool. When manic, 1 extra penalty die for Quell the Beast rolls. These states also are seen in behavior(Manic is upbeat and active, and depressed is opposite).


As pain starts feeling better and better as nights go by, you will need to use your mental powers as well as your physical to heal yourself. To heal Vigor harm, you need to use both Vigor and Reason. You also need successful Resist roll to not cause 1 harm(V) to yourself, when in safe, enjoyable situation.


Everyone is beneath you. Some are weaker and some who are undeserving for power they have. Not taking what is "rightfully" yours, causes you a 3 harm(I)

Memory Lapses

Sometimes you forget momentarily crucial information(well, sometimes you forget unimportant information, but that is hardly relevant). It can be for example ability, language, where you put a keys or ever meeting your sire. Game Master chooses appropriate time for such event. Resist(R) can be used to protect your mind for such effects, but it is difficult(2 penalty die). This can happen at most once per session, as vampire is still relatively functional (successfully resisted doesn't count).


Some feel that just blood is not enough. Even though sensations feel hollow, nothing prevents Kindred from simulating sexual actions. Vampire can only refresh instinct and reason pools when copulating. This gets more perverted as years go by.


Vampire has some need to perform some action or to have certain need for environment. Ignoring these needs causes 3 harm(I)


You don't need to be successful, you need to succeed beyond expectations. You need to use maximum amount(up to two) of pool you can, to all checks if there is someone observing.


As everything feels to be not only about you, but also against you, social interactions become difficult. Small amount of suspicion, that someone is plotting against you, will force Quell the Beast roll, as those who mock, or plot should be putted down for their insolence. Sometimes this extends to complex practices to keep you safe from 'them'. Ignoring these practices causes you 3 harm(I)


Irrational fear to something, for some reason, you fear that as much as you do fire. Quell the Beast when encountering target fear or escaping in panic.

Power-Object Fixation

When not in presence of a object, 2 penalty die to each action. Object will slowly develop a personality in a mind of Kindred.


Even though Kindred can be over hundred years old, some can act like a child. Typically these regressed vampires lack good understanding of right and wrong and are ill equipped to manage these feelings. When committing crime against own humanity kindred rolls one fudge die to modify resulting harm. Healing from these cannot happen alone, but needs someone willing to help and hear whats hurting vampire. These are also easy to control, and have 2 extra penalty die when trying to resist(Resist(R)) verbal manipulation attempts(Resisting Vampiric powers wokrs normal).

Sanguinary Animism

Some think that blood is where soul resides and drinking it, will steal part of it. Vampire is haunted by past victims, usually blaming Kindred for their demise. Drinking blood will cause 1 harm(R) for vampire as past victims yell with loud voice when such thing happens.


Kindred suffers from hallucination that cause him to withdraw from reality and violent changes in behavior. Social actions are extremely difficult(2 penalty die).

You also live in different reality than others. This causes miscommunication and violent reactions for simple actions that other didn't understand to be offence (you step my miniature pink hamster or you burned down orphanage). One silver lining there is though, you cannot lose humanity on actions you don't know you did.

Self-Annihilation Impulse

Eternity is long time, but there is one way out. If character inhibits his action by fear of death, he receives 3 harm(I).


Playable clans


  • Warrior scholars
  • Rage
  • Celerity, Potence, Presence


  • Power in church
  • No reflection
  • Obternation, Dominate, Potence


  • Great kings and lords
  • Exclusive feeding
  • Dominate, Fortitude, Presence


  • Deranged profets
  • Mad
  • Auspex, Dominate, Obfuscate


  • Worse of than the dead
  • Monsterous visage
  • Obfuscate, Animalism, Potence


  • Artist and artisans
  • Hypnotized by beauty
  • Auspex, Celerity, Presence

Non-playable clans

Chosen non-playable because of themes, you can convince otherwise




Followers of Set


  • Native Soil for rest
  • Vicissitude, Animalism, Auspex


  • Forest dwellers
  • Animal traits
  • Protean, Animalism, Fortitude

Extra material

Character sheet