Tähtiloimu: Nikal Kolia

Loikkaa: valikkoon, hakuun



  • Great +4: Might(+7)
  • Good +3: Endurance(+6), Engineering
  • Fair +2: Resolve, Drive, Survival
  • Average +1: Science, Alertness, Academics, Resources
  • +2 point(s) unused
  • Athletics(+3), Fists(+1), Weapons(+1)


  • Herculean Strength: All non-combat lifting is increased by +2
  • Wrestler: Use Might instead of Fists for unarmed combat
  • Unstoppable: Use Might instead of Athletics for movement; +2 for going through obstacles and barriers
  • Computer Engineer: Use Engineering instead of Science for hacking and programming; know how to pull apart and reassemble devices
  • Mandroid Arm: Mechanical arm; +1 Phys stress, Might, Endurance, Athletics, Weapons, Fists
  • Mandroid Leg: Mechanical leg; +1 Phys stress, Might, Endurance, Athletics
  • Mandroid Leg: Mechanical leg; +1 Phys stress, Might, Endurance, Athletics
  • Mandroid Mind: Brain enhanced; +2 Comp stress, +1 Science, +1 Academics


Mostly Mechanical

Knack for Engineering

"Friends" in the Government (They are not friends[Not at all])



Up Close and Personal

Dismissive of Idiots

Elenia's Experimental Machine Implants



Nikal was born on the planet of Pak to a lower middle class miner family. From an early age he showed an interest in machinery and computers. When the local corporate government started a program for cybernetic upgrades in exchange for service, Nikal jumped at the chance. He is now more machine than man with both legs, left arm and most organs replaced with augments. During the tenure he earned some hostilities with people who would eventually move into the bureaucracy, making further activities within his home space difficult after going solo.


During his 10-year tenure with the governmental mining operations, Nikal learned quite a lot. This naturally lead to a career of prospecting. As Nikal was starting his private endeavors, he encountered a man named Peter Nord. He was another new prospector. Nikal and Peter decided to work together while exploring the planet Darr. Soon enough the two were competing fiercely on who could find the most deposits. After a few planets were done, the two had developed a healthy friendship/rivalry and hired a crew.


  • Hand Scanner: +2 to Science and Engineering for scanning environmental details
  • Mining Torch: Cut through one level of barrier per turn; +1 to weapons
  • Communicator: Communicate planetarily with satellite or ship support, continentally without