Tähtiloimu: Ferah the Betrayed

Loikkaa: valikkoon, hakuun



Ferah the Betrayed is an ex-merchant from League of Merchants. The members betrayed Ferah, so he destroyed the League and swore to himself to make sure no corporation or League would take a commanding position anywhere.


Tall, pale, anger in his eyes. You can sense that he has some bad history behind him.



  • +5 Superb:
  • +4 Great: Academics
  • +3 Good: Leadership, Resources
  • +2 Fair: Alertness, Intimidation, Resolve
  • +1 Average: Athletics, Guns, Contacting, Empathy, Weapons


  • Scholar (of economics) [Academics]
Time spent at the League of Merchants and the Master has had quite an impact on me
Your character is a respected authority in a specific academic field. In the elites of that particular field, you are recognized for your expertise. Even if your skill level is low, it merely means you are towards the bottom of that particular group of elites.
When you make an Academic roll pertaining to your general area of expertise, you automatically receive a +1 bonus. Beyond this, you should automatically pick a specific specialization within that area (like Centaurian history, or cryptography). When an Academic roll involves that specialization, you gain an additional +1 bonus (for a total +2 to the value of the research effort.
Any research efforts involving the specialization take one unit less time; this may be combined with Walking Library, in the Memory group of stunts, for lightning-fast research. When taking part in an academic conference or otherwise interacting with other fields, you may use Academics to complement your social skills (Rapport, Empathy, Deceit, etc.) Your skill is considered elevated by these bonuses, so someone with Good Academics, acting in his area of specialization, would complement Skills as if the Academics were Superb (Good+2)
This stunt may be taken more than once, each time for an additional field. The bonuses may not overlap, however.

  • Funding [Leadership]
If you put me in charge, money will just rain to out pockets
You head an organization that is profitable. Pay a Fate Point and your organization may temporarily increase a Resource Skill up to the value of your Leadership, regardless of whether or not you're present. When you personally make use of these resources it may some time to filter through the power structure to reach you; the Story Teller may increase the time it takes to require something by one step.

  • Grease the Wheels [Resources]
There is no-one in the galaxy that could say no to bunch of credits.
Money talks, escpecially in the halls of bureaucratic power. Whenever the character is in a situation where bribes will be accepted, hey may use Resources Skill whenever he would otherwise use Leadership instead.

  • Danger Sense [Alertness]
I've seen and experienced enough to know what's going behind my back. I can feel it.
The character maintains a quick and easy awareness of ambushes and other nasty surprises - perhaps preternaturally, perhaps due to finely tuned mundane senses. Whenever ambushed (see page 142), the character is able to take a full defensive action, gaining +2 on his defensive roll, regardless of whether or not he's surprised (if he is surprised, dropping his defense to Mediocre, this stunt takes his base defense up to Fair.

Phases and Aspects

  • Training: The League of Merchants and the Master Merchant
  1. Adept of Trading
    Ferah knows lots about trading, but he is not a master. Things might not go as plannes always.
  2. Respect your elderly
    Ferah does not hurt old people!

  • Legend: The day of Endings and Beginnings
  1. Corporations must fall
    Corporations are bad and no-one can turn Ferah's head on this
  2. Family is the worst
    Ferah will not trust anyone completely

  • Guest Star 1. Edward "Ed" Farstar
Ferah had a some businesses in the pirate planet providing rum and bullets for the pirates of the planet. As Ferah was leaving the planet, Edward took Ferah as a hostage in his space craft to escape the planet. He threatened to take everything Ferah had, unless he gave him a escape shuttle.
  1. Always be careful
    Once Ferah was not careful enough to check everything, and it payed.
  2. Don't let your back open
    Trip to the pirate island gave Ferah an important lesson

  • Guest Star 2. Elenia of the Noble
Elenia had applied for a grant "for the greater good of the Medical Academy Station". Ferah gave him the grant thinking the grant would help her career. This gave Elenia the funds to boost her cyborg.
  1. Ignorance is bliss
    You don't have to feel guilt, if you don't know the consequences.
  2. If you sell it well, I will buy it
    I'm a sucker for a good deal


  • Wallet (Money inside is Great-worthy)
I wil have to have something to pay with.
  • Pendant of the Master Merchant
Gotta have something to remind me of the one man who cared.
  • Thermal Knife
I need some protection on me
  • Hand gun
Both in the space station


Ferah was born to a merchant father, Merlo, who was a member of the League of Merchants. Ferah's mother, Alikia, was a gently and loving mother and an important supportive force for Ferah. Ferah admired Merlo greatly and only wanted that his father was proud of him. Ferah quickly caught up to everything Merlo knew and after Fearh finished university, he followed his footsteps and joined the League of Merchants. The Master Merchant saw Ferah's potential and took Ferah as his guidance. Master was a mentor to Ferah and the two formed a strong bond between them, like father and son. Master Merchant promised Ferah that when his time was up, Ferah would take his place as the Master Merchant.

Ferah the Betrayed in The Day of Endings and Beginnings.

The Masted died and just when Ferah was declared as the new Master, other members of the League betrayed Ferah and ripped the position from him to another member. After this, Ferah left the League bitter and angry. He started to gather forces, a mercenary army to take the League down. He succeeded,the League of Merchants was no more and Merlo's last words to Ferah were: "I have no son!".

After the fall of the League, Ferah swore that he would not allow any League or company or any other form of sorts to rule anything. He would seek them out and make sure that none survived.

  • Guest Star 1.
Dr. Rat
To execute his plan, Ferah needs to create chaos within the League by engineering a fake stock market crash. To do this, he enlists the services of the elusive mastermind, Dr Rat.

  • Guest Star 2.
When Dr. Rat's fake stock market crash succeeded, panic ensued and all the League members came runing out of the League headquaters. Alexander was at the door, waiting with guns ready to take everyone down.