Tähtiloimu: Elenia of the Noble

Loikkaa: valikkoon, hakuun


Elenia of the Noble or Elenia Borealis or Elenia Aurora

I general, Elenia does not favour to use her true last name (mainly due to its recognisability and status, putting her into a precarious situations at times). She prefers to go by either first name or by alias, and usually she covers up strategic tattoos to hide herself into a common tribesperson.

Borealis is Elenia's current alias if she wishes to go incognito.

Aurora is her previous alias, during and before the time she worked at the laboratory, so it might be recognised.



  • +5 Superb:
  • +4 Great: Academics
  • +3 Good: Intimidation, Science
  • +2 Fair: Empathy, Athletics, Investigation
  • +1 Average: Endurance, Stealth, Leadership, Resources


Walking Library (Academics)

Unapproachable (Intimidation)

Heart's Secret (Empathy)

Doctor (Science)

Phases & Aspects

1. Phase: Two Degrees and Both Incomplete

  1. Aspect: Will Cut You If You Mention Ballet
  2. Aspect: Tehcnically... Not A Doctor

2. Phase: I'm Right And You Know It

  1. Aspect: Totally Saved The Day!
  2. Aspect: Screwed-Up Moral Compass

3. Guest Star 1 Dr Rat in The Breakout!

Dr. Rat gets help from one of the staff members: Elenia, who sees an opportunity to get out of a crappy, ill-paying job.

  1. Aspect: The Bills Don't Pay Themselves
  2. Aspect: "Eh, Reasonable Enough"

4. Guest Star 2Edward Farstar in A Treacherous Proposal

Edward päästyään lähimmälle turvallisimmalle avaruusasemalle törmää Eleniaan, joka kasaa Edwardin jalan kuntoon. Resurssien ollessa vähissä Elenia päätyy korvaamaan Edwardin jalan pöydästä irrotetulla palalla.

  1. Aspect: Oddly Resourceful
  2. Aspect: "You Will Die, But Not On My Table"


  • Communicator
  • Survival Kit
  • Blade


Elenia is from the tribal planet Morale, which has a senate and the Supreme Leader. The Supreme Leader was Elenia's father, Helmut III, who very recently passed away due to a heart attack. Helmut III did not really care to be a sole leader like those before him, but tried to make the world more democratic a place. Now that he is gone, there is suddenly a vacancy, and many wish to fill it. Elenia is the youngest of ten children, so she is neither planned or willing to step up for this occasion. Her sister Annelise is the most likely candidate: she has been trained to talk to the big council and lead the planet into a successful future. However, their uncle, sir Edgar of the Trade has been rising as a formidable opponent.

As Elenia is the youngest of the bunch, she has been overlooked for many years. Sure she has had the servants keeping her company, but she felt like she needed to be recognised is some way. In their tribe: Shazqwatch, it has been a tradition that children below 4th in line study traditional arts: ballet, opera, fencing, etc. to show for culture and elegance. They are usually the best and most sought-after performers in the whole planet, and recognised galaxy-wide as talents. Elenia was seen to be athletic and disciplined enough to go to a ballet school. Therefore she went, studied for a year, had a disagreement with Mrs. Haddock and fled. She is still not willing to disclose more about the events that occurred -other than that she was right.

After fleeing ballet school, she got the attention, but long enough to be sent to another school: this time, reluctantly, to a school she chose. Elenia had always had a fascination towards science and its applications, and thusly enrolled in The Medical Academy Station: the best medical school in the galaxy with an unrivalled reputation. She studied happily there for four years and basically did whatever she wanted due to being considered royalty.


Legend: Elenia vs. The Medical Academy Station

On her fourth year in medical school, she had a debate whether a cyborg is worth saving or not. Elenia claimed cyborgs are better than half the station. She boosted the cyborg a little, who then attacked 75% of the school and killed most because "they were intellectually inferior". Elenia teamed up with the cyborg and eventually got expelled for killing third of a station. Oops!

Guest Star 1:

Nikal: the cyborg

Guest Star 2:

Ferah: he funded the research

Fate Points



Physical: 00X00

Composure: 00000