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Shooting maneuvers

  • Quickdraw: +1 Initiative level. Ranged Combat 3
  • Overwatch: Prepare an action, gaining +1 Initiative level for that action. Ranged Combat 4


  • Gangsta style: Fixed pool of 4 dice, no modifiers at all. CD1. Pistol 1
  • Quick reload: Reload instead of moving. Pistol 3
  • Double tap: Two attacks on single target. CD1. Pistol 5
  • Walk the shots: Up to three attacks, one attack for each target. CD1. Pistol 7
  • Precise Shot/Trick Shot: A succesful hit destroys the targets weapon or causes it to be dropped. CD1. Pistol 9


  • Kneecap: -1 dice. Target slowed (loses next move action) if hit. CD2. Shotgun 1
  • Breaching shot: -2 dice. Double damage against mechanical targets. CD3. Shotgun 3
  • Wideload: -3 dice attack on everyone in wide cone. CD1. Shotgun 5
  • Decimate: Combine two manouvers of your choice into one manouver gaining benefits of both. CD1. Shotgun 7
  • Doom shot (!): Reroll any wound results. Shotgun 9

Doom Shot is a passive skill, not a maneuver.


  • Burst fire: Can fire concentrated bursts. Autoweapons 1
  • Full auto: Can fire full auto. Autoweapons 3
  • Spray and pray: Half dice attack on adjacent targets also, while using full auto. Autoweapons 5
  • Spray, no pray: Full dice attack on adjacent targets also, while using full auto. Autoweapons 7.
  • Drill it: Double attack dice against a single target while using full auto.

Assault Rifle

  • Aimed shot: +3 dice. Cooldown 3 rounds. Rifle 1
  • Diving shot: 1 shot, go prone. CD1. Rifle 3
  • Dead eye shot: +6 dice. Cooldown 3 rounds. Rifle 5
  • Headshot: -2 dice, but all hits count double. CD2. Rifle 7
  • Get him: Opponent halves dodge successes. CD1. Rifle 9.

Melee maneuvers

  • Melee shot: Melee range shot that does not provoke an attack of opportunity, Melee combat 5
  • Attack of opportunity: Passive. Melee combat 3
  • Street samurai: Passive. Use close combat instead of dodge to defend against ranged attacks, if enemies are close. Melee combat 7


  • Roundhouse kick: Attack two targets in range. CD2. Unarmed 3.
  • Stunning Fist: If opponent is hit, Body roll to resist 1 round stun. CD3. Unarmed 5.
  • Disarm: Opponent drops weapon. CD2. Unarmed 9.


  • Thrust: -1 dice, halves opponents armour. CD1. Melee weapons 1
  • Pommel strike: No HP damage, target is slowed. CD1. Melee weapons 3
  • Cleave: Attack all adjacent targets. CD2. Melee weapons 5
  • Disarm: Opponent drops weapon. CD2. Melee weapons 7.