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Purchasing a drone is a big step.

Game mechanics

Each turn, you may control your drone if you succeed in drone control roll. You may do other things, but must use lwoer dice pool and split your pool. If you fail, your drone continues to do whatever it did last round, shuts down or stops depending on controllers choice made previously.


Drone control chip, 45000 + surgery 5000
Class C drone 25000, 1 drone point, 6 free armor points
Class B drone 75000, 4 drone points, 12 free armor points
Class A drone 225000, 16 drone points, 18 free armor points
Military class drone 1500000, 64 drone points, 24 free armor points

Creating a drone

All drones are approximately human sized.
Choose platform. Wheeled/tracked - 0 drone points. Walker - 1 DP. Flyer 4 DP, armor halved. Android - 16DP, armor halved.
Choose weapons: 1DP per weapon, double the cost.

Drone is created as a PC. Each unused drone point gives 1d6 exp.

Drones and hacking

You need a drone control chip. If you have one, you may spend an action to hack an enemy drone. Roll opposed drone control rolls with ties going to the defender. If attacker wins, roll opposed decking rolls. If attacker wins, he now controls the drone. Otherwise, the drone is considered uncontrolled.


Drones are illegal and Lone star will shoot any unlicenced drones on sight