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The Fyodorov House

  • Matriarch and Grandmother Solien Astraiel Fyodorova
  • Grandfather Marchis Fyodorov
  • Aunt Lutheria Astraiel Fyodorova
  • Aunt Afelia Astraeil Fyodorova (deceased)
  • Mother Sceria Astraiel Fyodorova
  • Father Falan Fyodorov
  • Eldest Sister Nascrial Astraiel Fyodorova
  • Elder Sister Emiela Astraeil Fyodorova
  • Little Brother Emil Fyodorov

- the House and its members always offer protection and help

- give Dominika her share of their income (5 %)

- family's servants and underlings are hers to command if that does not collide with those of her elder sisters', her mother's, aunt's or her grandmother's

Family Friends

House Trean

  • a noble house of similar prestige as Fyodorov
  • trade in precious metals and gems

House Naie

  • an obscure noble House, hardly anyone knows of it
  • is, however, quite rich
  • spies by trade
  • offer knowledge for a price, lower than usual for the Fyodorov family

House Reth

  • trade in human resources (slaves)s and beasts
  • quite an extensive knowledge about smuggling and the underworld in general

House Aildron

  • government spies
  • know juicy things about public servants
  • Leamor Sulivan Aildron (the head of House's eldest son) is an Inquisitor of Ordo Hereticus

House Yuva

  • Solomon government officials

House Lachriedra

  • trade in chemicals
  • have an extensive knowledge about poisons and chemicals

Planetary Government

Governor of Solomon

  • Lochian Yuva, the head of the House Yuva

Merchant Guilds

  • House Fyodorov is the third powerful noble merchant House, only preceded by the House Merchien and House Teracha whose heads hold seniority over Matriarch Solien Astraiel Fyodorova

Law Firm

Fince and Bonz is a law firm that has been taking care of Fyodorov affairs since its founding 500 years ago


House Merchien, the most senior House of the Merchant Guild, has a firm grasp of the planetary bank system. The two next most senior Houses, Fyodorov and Teracha, are favoured for together their shares of the planetary wealth is near 50 %.

Adeptus Arbites



Leamor Sulivan Aildron (Ordo Hereticus), through House of Aildron.

Deman Drega Sangder (Ordo Xenos), to whom Dominika did a favour once and who returned the favour by saving her from hanging. Still considers Dominika useful and still sees no harm in owing a favour to her.



Underhive gangs that deal with knowledge and weapons are most often employed by the House of Fyodorov.

Ganglord of Dest, Mildria Angel of Solomon - owes a few favours to Dominika, also quite reliable a source for all kinds of knowledge. Deals with xenotech sometimes and knows a great deal about them.

Ganglord of Thylus Blood, Owen Himmel of Malfi - quite possibly a heretic, he and his gang deal with arcane knowledge, mostly books and scrolls.

Ganglord of Skulk, Black Eye Morrig of Scintilla - has close ties with many gangs in the area and is quite possibly the supreme ganglord. Is very good at finding things. Rumoured to be very good at finding rogue psykers and selling them those who wish to buy them. In case no buyer shows up, he takes them to the Black Ships.