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Vammat voidaan korjata esim. cyberillä tai magialla kuten restoration ja regeneration.

11-26 DEAD.
31-36 Full recovery in 1d6 weeks. Halved with successful medicine roll (Long Term Treatment).
41 Spinal damage. Half physical all stats.
42 Enfeebled. -1 Permanent Level Drain.
43 Lost a leg. Half movement speed (once you get tools to aid movement!), cannot run or charge.
44 Lost an arm.
45 Multiple injuries. Roll d6 times more and ignore full recovery and dead results.
46 Lose one eye. -1 Ranged combat, -2 perception.
51 Chest wound. 1d4 constitution drain.
52 Back wound. 1d4 strength drain.
53 Head wound. 1d4 intelligence drain.
54 Leg wound. 1d4 dexterity drain.
55 Face. 1d4 Charisma drain.
56 Shock. 1d4 Wisdom drain.
61 Hand injury. Cannot use one hand to do fine manipulation. Able to use two handed items where the other hand is proving support ie. two handed weapons. If both hands are injured can't use items requiring two weapons.
62 Septic Wound. 
63 Saved by lucky charm, if any.
64 Impressive scars. +1 Diplomacy&Intimidate Insight Bonus (does not stack).
65 Painful wound. But after 3d6 minutes, he is fine and at 1 Hit Point and 0 Stamina Point.
66 Heroic recovery. Gain 1d4 Resolve Point and recover immediately.

Septic Wound
Type disease (injury); Save Fortitude DC 14
Track mental and physical; Frequency 1/day
Cure 2 consecutive saves
There's no telling what sort of super bugs you might end up getting in your wounds while traveling in space.