Loikkaa: valikkoon, hakuun

Keskusteluahan tämmönen sivu toki kaipaa, mieluummin tähän pääsivulle. Mutta asiaa tuntemattomille, tässä pikakurssi.

Curious person: so what can we know about this world?
Nihilist: Nothing. Everything we know is based on what we can observe and there is no way of knowing we observe the world correctly. We can, however, "know" a lot about the universe if we accept that what we "know" is subject to change. Ie it's an idea in our heads, not a universal truth.
CP: Okay, so is there a god?
N: No. There was a god(actually an idea of god), but he is dead now. We killed him. The idea of god is no longer reasonable.
CP: How about soul? Afterlife?
N: What evidence do you have to support the existence of such?
CP: ...
N: Even if you had some evidence, which you dont, you would have to overcome the overwhelming evidence we can easily get through observing a dead person. It appears he's, you know, gone, rotting and on his way to worms lunch table.
CP: That's not much fun.
N: Logic. Fun has nothing to do with it.
CP: So our lives are meaningless? Should I just jump of a roof? The result is the same!
N: How selfish of you. Of course your life is meaningless, but that is irrelevant. The point is that the whole universe is meaningless.
CP: ...
N: When you speak of "meaning of life" or meaning of the universe, what is the question about? For anything to have a meaning, there must be someone or something it has meaning to. God is dead. He cannot give you a meaning. Other than that, choice is yours. Your meaning of life could be to play in the NFL or sit in a dusty room thinking about irrelevant shit like nihilism.
CP: But, then there is a meaning to the universe?
N: No, not a meaning. Countless of meanings.
CP: Okay. How about morals? What is right and what is wrong?
N: Whatever is beneficial to your chosen path is good. Whatever is harmfull is bad. Good and evil are subjective.
CP: So I should just be selfish?
N: No, you shouldnt. Selfishness is an instinctive response and though sometimes beneficial, it is always inferior to using logic. Dont be selfish, dont be meek, dont be emotional. Be smart.
CP: But I feel so empty now.
N: That's what nihilism is all about. Lack of purpose. If you can get used to it, it will set you free. You were nothing, are nothing and will end up as nothing. However, there is no problem at all with this, except in your own mind. Your instincts demand you live forever and that you are important. That's fine. That's what they were designed to do. They keep you alive fullfilling your purpose.
CP: But I have no purpose!
N: *sigh* fine. Since you seem unable to choose your own purpose, I'll get you started. As a human being you are in an evolutionary chain between homo erectus and whatever those who come after us choose to call themselves. You are part of the process to make new, better man. It is thus your purpose to survive and make sure your fellow men survive. Try reducing pollution and colonizing the stars.
CP: Yay! I'll be captain Kirk!
N: *facepalm*