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numerot kuten rogue

1: Poison use (kuten assassin), Sneak attack (kuten rogue)

2: Planned infiltration, Trapmaking

3: Death Attack (kuten assassin, DC 10+lvl/2+intmod)

4: Evasion, Last Chance Potion

5: Tool Use, Trapfinding (kuten rogue)

6: Training, Master Poisoner

8: Mobile Traps, Sleep poison

10: Nauseating Poison

12: Hide in Plain Sight (kuten assassin), Improved poison use, Improved traps

16: Paralyzing poison

Planned infiltration: Myrkyttäjä can use intmod in place of chamod for bluff, diplomacy disguise and intimidate skill checks as long as the myrkyttäjä is able to plan and prepare for the situation. Note that while you can bluff and disguise quite well only knowing the situation, diplomacy and intimidation usually require knowledge of the person to be influenced.

Trapmaking - Myrkyttäjä can make compact traps that can be applied to a good spot in a few rounds. Traps can be set with a poison or an explosive as a payload. Dexsave to avoid setting trap off is equal to Death Attack save. Search checks to find and disable device checks to disable are equal to craft (traps) roll made while crafting.

Tool Use: Can make and use tools of the trade such as smoke bombs an actiontype faster then normal or even during another action. (standard->move)

Training: Constant training has taught myrkyttäjä his trade well. He gains +1 to bluff, disguise, hide, move silently, open lock and sleight of hand skill checks. The bonus increases to +2 at lvl 12 and +3 at lvl 18

Master Poisoner: The Myrkyttäjä häs learned to make his own poisons. Custom poisons have the same dc as Death Attack and do 1d6 ability damage. Damage increases to 2d6 at lvl 12 and 3d6 at lvl 18. Inhaled vector poisons have one smaller die type and ingested poisons have +2 DC.

Mobile Traps: The Myrkyttäjä häs learned to make his traps even faster to set - It only takes a standard action to set a trap.

Nauseating Poison: The Myrkyttäjä has learned to make nauseating poisons. All poisons also nauseate their victim every time they deal damage.

Sleep poison: The Myrkyttäjä has learned to make sleep poisons. A sleep poison trades secondary damage for sleep.

Improved poison use: The Myrkyttäjä can apply poison to weapon as a move action.

Improved trap making: The Myrkyttäjä has learned to make traps that can be applied to any location.

Paralyzing poison: The Myrkyttäjä has learned to make paralyzing poisons. A paralyzing poison trades all damage for a normal paralyze effect.

Last Chance Potion: lvl 4 +physical stats (poison) lvl 4 +2, lvl 8 +4, lvl 12 +6, lvl 16 +8, lvl 20 +10 Temp hit points 2*lvl, Immune to fatique lvl 8 Speed (as spell) lvl 12 BAB equal to level lvl 16 Doesnt stop until dead

Duration lvl/2min after which you drop to 0 wound points and are dying and fortsave DC ? or take 10 damage to all stats. Can be healed normally.

Kaikki poisonijutut vaatii maxrank craft poisonin, kaikki ansajutut vaatii maxrank craft trapin.

Tools: Smoke Bomb: A small pouch that creates a big (30ft cube) cloud of vision obscuring dust that dissipates after 5 rounds. Everything not next to eachother in the cloud has concealment, 20ft of the cloud provides total concealment. Standard action to use.

Flash Bomb: A small vial that can be broken to cause a sudden bright flash. Gives a distraction to hide. Standard action to use.


Incarnaattori by Perkele

devilit opettanu eli se osaa sen 10min rituaalin ihan automaagisesti

kuin incarnum, mutta jutut toimii vaatteiden kanssa, kaikkien bonusten tyyppi on ainakin incarnum (eli jutut ei stäkkää muiden luokkabuustien kanssa, mutta stäkkäävät kaiken muun kanssa) ja jutuissa on "kickeri" joka antaa ottaa Perkeleeltä palvelusta vastaan poweria siihen

1h to bind or switch binds. Essentia investmentin saa vaihtaa rundin loppuun free actionina. 5min to rebind a released soulmeld.

Suurin osa tarttee olla "esillä" jotta ne toimis, jutut on defaulttina esillä, mutta ne saa piiloon (defaulttina menevät riittävästi ettei nää vaatteiden läpi) provokkaavana ja flattaavana fullround actionina ja takas esiin provokkaavana fullround actionina.

Jollei toisin mainita jos juttu on piilossa, sitä ei voi huomata jollei joko tiedä mitä hakee tai rupeaa tosissaan syynäämään. Suurin osa jutuista on myös kohtuu huomaamattomia myös "esillä" ollessaan.

Keywordi meinaa sitä, että pitää olla sen niminen soul bindi päällä, että homma pelittää.

Ei ole ei-bindattuja meldejä - on vain bindattuja. Kaikki paikat on vapaat alusta asti, mutta jotkin vaativat shaper levelin, että niitä saa käyttää.

Paikkoja siis: crown, feet, hands arms, brow, shoulders throat, waist Heart Soul (erikoisuus - "päällepistäminen" vie puolet essentiasta (round down) jotta voi käyttää sen nimisen keywordin bindeja)

Shapetussääntöjä: Essentia, Essentia cap kuten incarnate (mukaanlukien siis expanded soulmeld cap), bindit kuten incarnate +1

Jutut tehty sillä pohjalla, että niitä ei stäckätä esim. double chakralla, joten sillä saa vain eri asioita buustaavia juttuja.

Esim: Hands: (devilic): Touch of decay - Wither anything touched. One touch affects one limb of a living thing or a comparable amount of nonliving matter. 1pt destroys 1/3 fort negates, 2pt 1/2 fort negates, 3pt fully fort negates, 4pt fully fort 1/4 , 5pt fort half.A partially destroyed limb will give an equal failure chance to all actions with that limb, a fully destroyed torso or head will kill, but all damage done to them will be halved. Only the highest modifier is counted and you roll once. Also note that while the caster can aim at any limb he chooses, the target can try to parry with an opposed attack check, naturally getting hit in the part he parries with. The damage will vanish when the caster reduces the essentia investment Kicker: The damage is permanent.

Belt: (devilic): name pending - one worm per point invested eats its way out of your gut, each worm takes 5hp to make and can then be planted on the target with a melee touch attack or thrown and will then home in on the assigned target with a ranged touch attack that ignores cover. You can throw or plant any number of worms at a time or even throw worms at diffrent (adjacent) opponents. When the worm hits something living, it will burrow and start leeching health 5 points a turn. Removing a worm takes a standard action, a cutting tool and a will save. The caster can dig the worms out of the victim and consume them for 10hp each. He cannot use dead worms this way. Attacking worms die when essentia investment is reduced Kicker: Vomit twice as many worms without increasing the hp cost.

Heart: The caster binds himself to a sentient being. Every time the caster would suffer damage, it is instead dealt to the target up to the limits listed. The limits are: 2 wound points/essentia, 1 ability damage/essentia, 1 lvl/4 essentia. The damage is doubled before being applied to the target. The ritual of binding has to be repeated every 24 hours. Kicker: The limits are lifted and the meld also transfers deaths.