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341419 gp


All weapons are masterwork unless otherwise specified.

Spiked Chain +1
Falchion +1
Greatsword +1
Longsword (small)
Heavy Mace
Dwarven Waraxe x2
Lance x 2
Heavy Crossbow
Composite Longbow (+2)
Composite Longbow +1 (+2)


Full Plate +1
Full Plate
Mithril Breastplate
Breastplate (small)
Mithril Chainshirt +1 (small)
Leather Armor
Padded Armor
Heavy Wooden Shield
Heavy wooden shield (small) x 2


5x Belt of Health +4
5x Vest of Resistance +2
2x Gauntlets of Strength +4
2x Headband of Intellect +4
Cloak of Charisma +2
Gloves of Dexterity +2
Amulet of Wisdom +4
Amulet of Wisdom +2
Ten-foot pole
Bag of Holding Type I
Alchemical ingredients worth 200gp
Cure Light Wounds wand (50/50)
Cure Light Wounds wand (50/50)
Stoneskin component
Contingency Focus
True Seeing component


Level 4
Crushing Despair x2
Phantasmal Killer x2
Globe of Invulnerability (Lesser)
Polymorph x2
Fire Shield x2
Repel Vermin
Cure Critical Wounds x2 (Bard)
Freedom of Movement (Bard)
Rary's mnemonic enhancer
Fire trap
Leomund's Secure shelter
Arcane Eye

Level 5
Prying Eyes
Mordenkaine's Private Sanctum
Waves of Fatigue
Passwall x2
False Vision
Transmute Mud to Rock
Symbol of Pain
Mind Fog x2

Level 6
Owl's Wisdom (Mass)
Cat's Grace (Mass) x3
Acid Fog
Bigby's forceful Hand
Tenser's transformation

Level 7
Waves of Exhaustion
Project Image
Invisibility Mass

Level 6:

Cure moderate wounds mass, Control water, 
Summon monster VI, Contingency, Greater heroism, 
Undeath to death, Fox cunning mass x2, 
Tenser's transformation x2, Programmed image, Acid fog, 
Animate objects, Freezing sphere, Guards and wards

Level 5:

Passwall, False Vision, Overland flight,
Transmute mud to Rock, Persistent image, Mirage arcana x2,
Wall of force x4, Mind fog x2, Fire shield, Animal growth, 
Faithful hound x2, Telekinesis x2, Symbol of sleep, 
Wall of stone x4, Seeming, Interposing hand

Level 4:

Wall of fire x5, Fire trap x2, Polymorph, Scrying, 
Lesser globe of invulnerability x2, Summon monster IV,
Shout, Illusory Wall x2, Speak with plants x2, 
Fredom of Movement, Hallucinatory terrain x2, 
Enlarge person mass x2, Secure shelter, Charm monster,
Remove curse, Contagion x2, Phantasmal killer x3, 
Zone of silence x2, Minor creation, 
Repel vermin, Locate creature x3, Animate dead, Fire shield,
Bestow curse, Fear,

Level 3:

Protection from energy x3, Summon monster III x2, Slow,
Displacement x2, Shrink item x2, Invisibility sphere, 
nondetection, Phantom steed x4, Magic circle x2, Heroism x3,
Gaseous form, Blink, Gentle repose, Sepia snake sigil,
Illusory script x2, Stinking cloud, Tiny hut x2, Halt undead x2,
Clairvoyance x2, Water breathing x3, Deep slumber, 
Greater magic weapon, Suggestion, Glibness x3, Tongues x2,
Arcane sight x2, Ray of exhaustion, Vampiric touch,
Daylight, Speak with animals, Explosive runes,
Secret page, Cure serious, Gaseous form (Bard)

Spellbook contents

Level 1 spells:

Level 2 spells:

Level 3 spells:
Protection from energy
Magic circle
Keen edge
Greater magic weapon
Phantom Steed

Level 4 spells:
Dimensional anchor
Dimension door
Black tentacles
Resilient sphere

Level 5 spells:
Overland flight
Baleful polymorph
Wall of force

Level 6 spells:
Bigby's Forceful Hand

Level 7 spells: