Impossible Encounters:Kruul

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Kruul the Hero-Slayer, 20th level titan erutide

Huge outsider (Chaotic, Extraplanar) HD: 20d8+20d4+11x40+20x40 (1480 hp) Init: +1 Speed: 40

AC: 39 (-2 size, +19 natural, +8 armor, +5 deflect, +1 dex) touch 14, flat-footed 38 Saves: Fort +33, Reflex +19, Will +33

Ba/Grp: +30/+54 AT: +3 mind-numbing adamantine warhammer +47/+42/+37/+32 melee (4d6+27/19-20x3 + special) Spc/Rch: 15/15

Special Attacks: Oversized weapon, Spell-likes Special Quanities: DR 15/law, DV60, SR32

Abilities: 43 str, 12 dex, 50 con, Int 31, Wis 28, Cha 24

Skills: Spot, listen +53, concenration +60 Feats: Power Attack, Large and in Charge, Improved toughness x 11, Overchannel, talented


  • At will—bestow curse (DC 21), deeper darkness, unholy blight (DC 21); 1/day—crushing hand (DC 26).
  • At will—chain lightning (DC 23), charm monster (DC 21), cure critical wounds (DC 21),

fire storm (DC 24), greater dispel magic, hold monster (DC 22), invisibility, invisibility purge, levitate, persistent image (DC 22); 3/day—etherealness, word of chaos (DC 22), summon nature’s ally IX;

  • 1/day—gate, maze, meteor swarm (DC 26).

Caster level 20th. The save DCs are Charisma-based.

Psionics: 20th level erudite. Knows all powers. 443pp. 11 Unique powers.

Gear of note:

Protective Ring - Once a turn as no-action can decide to turn one attack that requires ranged touch
back at it's origin.

Psicrystal of Uberness - as 1 round action (close range, requires concenration), Kruul can recover
20% of his health and pps (+294hps and +88pps). Crystal's hanging from the roof, has 800hps and
hardness 2.
Mind-Numbing weapon - on hit, target takes DC ?? will save or loses d3 of his highest level spells (target chooses)


Enrage Condition 1: Psicrystal of uberness takes more than 25hps of damage.

Enrage Condition 2: Kruul loses more than 25% (370) of his hps in one turn or more than 10% (148) to one attack.

Enrage Condition 3: Kruul gets his 7th turn, and every other turn thereafter.

Enrage Effects: As no-action, Kruul takes control of one of the craracters for 3 rounds (resist: DC40 ability-check[any mental]).

Preparation: 3 turns buff.