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Loot Wand of Delay Poison (48 Charges) (DMG) Potion of Protection From Choas (DMG) Potion of Enlarge Person (DMG) Scroll (Arcane/1): Magic missile/1 Brooch of Shielding (DMG) Scroll (Arcane/1): Resist energy/2 Levitate/2 Obscuring mist/1 Potion of Magic Fang (DMG) Potion of Hide From Undead (DMG) Quaal's Feather Token, Whip (DMG) Potion of Resist Energy (Sonic) (DMG) Scroll (Divine/3): Animal messenger/2 Potion of Blur (DMG) Scroll (Divine/5): Remove fear/1 Entropic shield/1 Know direction/0 Studded leather +1 Potion of Protection From Choas (DMG) Potion of Barkskin +2 (DMG) Scroll (Arcane/1): Erase/1 Cat's grace/2 Wand of Shocking Grasp (27 Charges) (DMG) Potion of Darkvision (DMG) Potion of Remove Paralysis (DMG) Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds (DMG) Potion of Enlarge Person (DMG) Scroll (Divine/1): Eagle's splendor/2 Potion of Invisibility (DMG) Scroll (Arcane/3): Rope trick/2 Owl's wisdom/2 Fly/3 Scroll (Arcane/3): Minor image/2 Wand of Burning Hands (32 Charges) (DMG) Scroll (Arcane/3): Obscuring mist/1 Breastplate +1 Potion of Cure Light Wounds (DMG) Medium Magic Items

Full plate +1 Glove of Storing (Right Hand) (DMG)