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Silver Ravens

Rank: 14 Max rank: 15 Focus: Loyalty
Membership: 41 Supporters: 802 Population: 11900
Treasury: 247 GP Min Treasury: 140 GP Notoriety: 45

Organization Checks

  • Loyalty: 18 = 9 + 4 - 1 + 2 + 2 + 2
  • Secrecy: 18 = 4 + 5 + 1 + 2 + 3 + 1 + 2
  • Security: 13 = 4 + 5 + 2 + 2


  • Demagogue: Amber (+Con/Cha Loyalty)
  • Partisan: Arvad(+Str/Wis Security)
  • Recruiter: Berry (+l/lvl supporters)
  • Recruiter: Mika (+l/lvl supporters)
  • Sentinel: (+1 to secondary organization checks, can aid in one event)
  • Spymaster: Thalia (+Dex/Int Secrecy)
  • Strategist: Mialari Docur (+1 action /w +2 check)


Team Type Tier Manager Size Condition Note
Kemal's Kebab Merchant Lords 3 Britta 6 Active Earn Gold, Refresh Marketplace, Special Order
Faceless Stalkers Thieves 2 Thalia 3 Active Secure Cache, Activate Safe House
Dusty Hedgehogs Spellcasters 3 Britta 6 Active Reduce Danger, Rescue Character, Restore Character
Fushi Sisters Special 1 Berry 4 Active Bonus team: Gather Information, Earn Gold
Butterfly choir Cognoscenti 3 Arvad 6 Active Gather Information, Spread Disinformation, Knowledge check
Torrent Armigers Infiltrators 2 Thalia 4 Active Bonus team, When using Rescue Character action, they can rescue up to 4 characters at once from single location.
Acisazi Scouts Spies 3 Berry 3 Active Bonus team, +1 bonus Secrecy checks. Activate Safe House, Covert Action, and Secure Cache
Lacunafex Special 3 4 Active Bonus team, Gather Information, Spread Disinformation, Sabotage, +2 Secrecy checks during Covert action
Order of The Torrent Special 3 3 Active Reduce Danger, Rescue Character, Sabotage, +4 Security checks during Rescue Character action.
Bellflower Network Special 3 6 Active Covert Action, Rescue Character, Sabotage, +2 Secrecy checks during Sabotage action.
  • Max teams: 5


  • Rexus Victocora: Notoriety score is reduced by 1 (to a minimum score of 1) at the start of every Upkeep phase
  • Laria Longroad: All Loyalty checks to take the Recruit Supporters action gain a +2 bonus
  • Blosodriette: -1 Loyalty, +1 Secrecy
  • Zea: The number of supporters recruited using Recruit Supporters Action is increased by 1
  • Suuri ja Mahtava Vendalfek: Enables Spread Disinformation action. If the rebellion has a team that grants this action, Vendalfek grants +4 bonus on all Secrecy checks to Spread Disinformation.
  • Lictor Octavio Sabinus: Grants +4 bonus on all Security checks to Rescue Character rebellion action. As long as he remains an ally, the rebellion is immune to Low Morale event.
  • Captain Cassius Sargaeta: As long as he remains an ally, the rebellion is immune to Increased Patrols event and instead receive +3d6 supporters when the event is rolled.
  • Hetamon Haace: As long as he remains an ally, the rebellion’s Notoriety score automatically decreases by 1d6 points at the start of every Upkeep phase and the rebellion is immune to Sickness rebellion event. Once per month can generate a cache of healing supplies that requires Secure Cache action to secure: Minor Cache(2 available), Intermediate Cache(1 available)
  • Mialari Docur. +1 Loyalty, Secrecy, or Security. You can reassign this bonus once per rebellion Upkeep phase. Can serve as officer.
  • Gray Spiders' maps: Grants +3 Bonus to Secrecy checks
  • Queen of Delights, Manticce Kaleekii: As long as she remains an ally, rebellion never loses supporters for having a treasure shortage. In addition Rebellion may take a bonus Earn Gold action each Activity phase.
  • Taycet Tiora: +2 Loyalty.
  • Jilia Bainilus: +2 Loyalty, +2 Security
  • Shensen: Reroll one Loyalty check per week.
  • Strea Vestori: Reroll one Secrecy check per week.

Active Events

Available Actions

  • No. of actions: 4 +1 Strategist
    • +1 Bonus Earn Gold action
  • Change Officer Role
  • Dismiss Team
  • Guarantee Event
  • Lie Low
  • Recruit Supporters
  • Recruit Team
  • Special Action
  • Upgrade Team

  • Gather Information
  • Earn Gold
  • Reduce Danger
  • Secure Cache
  • Refresh Marketplace
  • Activate Safe House
  • Rescue Character
  • Special Order
  • Spread Disinformation
  • Knowledge check

Kintargoan Noble Families

  • Aulamaxa
    • Led by Archbaroness Eldonna Aulamaxa, this family’s interests include hunting, opera, and public opinion.
    • Allegiance: Kintargo
    • Alliance Benefit: The Silver Ravens can now take the Recruit Supporters rebellion action up to twice per Activity phase.
  • Aulorian
    • Led by Count Auxis Aulorian, this family’s interests include magic, salt, and silver.
  • Delronge
    • Led by Archbaroness Melodia Delronge, this family’s interests include horse breeding, hunting, and mercantilism.
    • Allegiance: Thrune
  • Jarvis
    • Led by Baroness Belcara Jarvis, this family’s interests include architecture, carpentry, city planning, and stonemasonry.
    • Allegiance: Kintargo
    • Alliance Benefit: The rebellion gains a +2 bonus on Security checks.
  • Jhaltero
    • Led by Baron Canton Jhaltero, this family’s interests include information, silver, and stone quarries.
    • Allegiance: Kintargo
    • Alliance Benefit: The baron allows the Silver Ravens to utilize his information network. The rebellion gains a +2 bonus on Secrecy checks.
  • Sarini
    • Led by Countess Urora Sarini, this family’s interests include diabolism, entertainment, and the theater of the real.
    • Allegiance: Thrune
  • Tanessen
    • Led by Count Geoff Tanessen, this family’s interests include armor and weapon crafting, city defense, and military supplies.
    • Allegiance: Thrune
  • Vashnarstill
    • Led by Baron Sendi Vashnarstill, this family’s interests include Arcadian trade, fishing, and shipbuilding.
    • Allegiance: Kintargo
    • Alliance Benefit: The Vashnarstills help fund the placement of minor and intermediate caches. They can finance the placement of up to three minor caches and one intermediate cache per month, at no cost to the Silver Ravens (though a Secure Cache rebellion action is still necessary to establish each cache).

Lucky Bones

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