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Bruised knees

He did this on purpose.

Hiamondshade sat at the opposite end of the work table, feet propped up on the chair next to him, eating from a box of strawberries in his lap. Mother had dragged him to the farmer’s market that morning, and they’d come back with more fruits and vegetables than they knew what to do with. Hiamondshade had claimed the strawberries for himself and was eating them straight from the box, making obscene slurping noises as he bit into the fruit. After each berry, he sucked each finger into his mouth one by one, licking the juice from his fingers.

"Could you please eat somewhere else?" said Hapsu, trying to sound less exasperated than he felt.

Hiamondshade looked up as if surprised, but of course Hapsu knew better. "Oh, I’m sorry. Am I making too much noise?"

"I’m trying to work," Hapsu said, indicating the laptop in front of him.

"Sorry," said Hiamondshade, choosing another berry from the box. "I’ll be more quiet then."

But it wasn’t just the noise he was making. Hiamondshade ate strawberries like they were his last meal on earth, like he’d never tasted anything so brilliant in his entire life and couldn’t get enough. His lips were red and wet, and every once in a while his tongue would dart out to collect a drop of juice from the corner of his mouth.

But Hapsu refused to give in to distraction. Hiamondshade continued molesting his box of strawberries, making light smacking noises every time he licked his lips, and Hapsu stared at his computer screen, covering Hiamondshade’s noises with angry tapping at his keyboard.

Hapsu worked this way for a few minutes until he noticed that Hiamondshade had almost gone silent. He looked up just in time to see Hiamondshade swallow deeply, eyes fluttering closed in bliss, then groan, a gutteral, low-pitched sound that went straight to Hapsu’s cock.

He could have killed him.

Hiamondshade selected another strawberry and mouthed it obscenely, swirling his tongue over the tip before sliding the entire thing into his mouth. When he finally bit into the fruit, Hapsu snapped his laptop shut and stood from his chair.

"All right?" asked Hiamondshade innocently, taking another strawberry from the box and stroking it idly with the pad of his thumb.

"I need some coffee," Hapsu lied.

The office had one bathroom with just a toilet and a sink with a mirror above it. The lock on the door was broken and had been for weeks, but everyone knew to knock first, and Hapsu was too worked up to worry about it. Swiftly, he stood over the toilet, unzipped his trousers and shoved his briefs down to mid-thigh, and wrapped a hand around his cock. He was completely hard, briefs spotted with pre-come, and Hapsu knew it wouldn’t take long, particularly with the images flashing through his mind. A few strokes and he was already biting his lower lip, pushing into his own hand--

"Need a little help with that?"

Hapsu looked up, panicked, to see Hiamondshade standing with the doorway, his red-stained lips curled into a devilish smirk. Hapsu sighed and rolled his eyes.

"Jesus, do you ever knock?"

Hiamondshade closed the door behind him. "Well, I knew you were in here," he said reasonably. "And I knew what you were doing. Didn’t see much point."

"You’re such a bastard," said Hapsu, without feeling.

Hiamondshade grinned. "Well, go on then. Don’t let me stop you," he said, nodding at Hapsu’s hand, which was still wrapped firmly around his cock. "Unless you’d rather I..."

Hapsu tried to glare at him, but instead felt his shoulders slump in defeat. Hiamondshade stepped forward, closing the distance between them, and crowded Hapsu against the tile wall next to the toilet. Hapsu rested his hand on Hiamondshade’s shoulder as Hiamondshade slithered down to his knees.

Hiamondshade’s mouth was warm and sticky, and when his lips closed over the head of Hapsu’s cock, Hapsu sighed and let his head fall back against the wall behind him. His fingers found the side of Hiamondshade’s face, holding him there as gently as he could manage. Hiamondshade tugged Hapsu’s trousers and briefs down to his ankles and pushed his legs open.

Hiamondshade knew how to get Hapsu off quickly, knew all the places that made him writhe and buck and groan. He licked a stripe down the underside of Hapsu’s cock, then swirled his tongue over Hapsu’s sac, and Hapsu had to hold his breath to keep from moaning out loud. Hiamondshade’s hand was wrapped around Hapsu’s cock, pumping him slowly, as he took one of Hapsu’s balls into his mouth.

"Oh, fuck," Hapsu babbled, his fingers finding the back of Hiamondshade’s head and pulling him closer. "God, oh--" His hips were jerking, and he realized that he was attempting to fuck Hiamondshade’s mouth, or his hand, or whatever, and Hiamondshade was letting him. He swiped a calloused thumb over the tip of Hapsu’s cock, and Hapsu made an unintelligible noise at the back of his throat.

"Gonna--" he said quickly, and Hiamondshade slid Hapsu’s cock back into his mouth, sucking hard on the tip. Hapsu came in a blind rush, bucking into Hiamondshade’s mouth and twisting his fingers into Hiamondshade’s hair. Hiamondshade kept sucking until Hapsu was slumped bonelessly against the wall, hand resting on top of Hiamondshade’s head like a dead weight. Hapsu watched through hooded eyelids as Hiamondshade tucked him back into his trousers and rose to his feet.

"A bit worked up, were we?" said Hiamondshade, and Hapsu tugged him forward by the collar of his shirt and kissed him. He could taste himself on Hiamondshade’s tongue, along with a faint sweetness from the strawberries. Hiamondshade pressed him against the wall, hand splayed against the tile, and returned the kiss hungrily.

"I’ll get you back for this later," Hapsu murmured against his mouth. He kissed him once more, then ducked under Hiamondshade’s arm and walked out of the bathroom.

"Looking forward to it!" Hiamondshade called after him.

That afternoon, Hapsu claimed all of the bananas.

The violation of the innocent brought to you by chibi

The Violation of the Ghibli

It was just another evening at the club, people playing this and that here and there, laptops buzzing on table edges, the usual. Some of the mahjong players were making a ruccus which was answered quite readily by the Bloodbowl players from across the room.

It was getting close to 9 PM but something was amiss. Ghiblimin was nowhere to be seen. She hadn't been at the club during the day either and thus the club room was completely devoid of females. At one point some people had wondered where she was since after all she was pretty much a piece of furniture already but the discussion died out pretty soon. “Who'd know about those womenfolk anyhow...” was the general agreement on the whole issue.

Then the heavens opened. Just as one of the mahjong players was about to call a riichi a wild, drunken giggle sounded from the corridor. In a matter of seconds a small figure bounced inside the club room, giggling insanely and obviously dead-drunk. A lot of truly dumbfounded looks were exchanged, it was Ghiblimin. Sure, everybody knew she talked about it, but nobody would have actually thought it'd happen one day:

“She really did drink herself under the table! Look at'ye now, missy, how's you feelin'?” a random Magic player yelled from the back room door.

“Oy ya! Ah ain't drunk, I tell'ye! Ah ain't drunk!” the woman looked like she was going to bowl over any second now. She also looked like she'd forgot to put half of her clothes on. Ghilbimin was wearing only some very light shoes, a dangerously short plaided skirt and a white collared shirt. It looked like she wasn't wearing any bra underneath either.

Instead of falling down she instead did something quite customary of herself; she flung herself to the closest club member for safety and support. In the process most of the mahjong tiles were toppled over, causing a lot of indistinct wails and growls of irritation.

“'Ey honey, ye'w look soooooooo....'hic cute t'night, ay?” Ghliblimin slurred to the mahjong player, her soft breasts pressing against his back through the light fabric. Quite a lot of cleavage could be seen, the upper buttons were undone for reasons unknown, not to mention all the panty-flashing caused by the sudden movements and the short skirt.

The man rose up from the chair quite hastily, obviously quite irritated at the sudden end of his mahjong game but also taken aback by the amount of pure woman getting into close contact with him. The force at which he rose up, however, caused Ghiblimin to finally fall over. She dropped to the floor like a wet rug, a couple of her shirts buttons managing to be ripped off during the fall, exposing her naked breasts completely.

A Bloodbowl player turned to her in order to help her up but as she tried to take hold of the helping hand she managed to instead take a firm grip on the man's pants. Trying to help herself up from the floor using this newfound handle she managed to get herself up on all fours but also pulled the man's trousers down to his knees. Suddenly finding herself looking at a half-hard penis two inches from her face and her breasts feeling the small draft of the cellar room freely she went ahead and gave the pecker a kiss on the tip.

The meat rod inched upwards quickly, foreskin drawing back and exposing a quite smelly underside, complete with some penis cheese.

“Oh fuck you bitch! You've done it now, always pressing those boobs of yours up on our backs, acting all queen and like! Now you're gonna get what you beg for, what you deserve!” the man took a steady grip on Ghiblimin's hair, forced her mouth open with his other hand and shoved his dirty, smelly dick down her throat. In an instant the club room door was closed and the club members started undressing. The quicker ones were already caressing their wangs, readying up for the main course.

Ghiblimin was gagging against the foreign, disgusting object in her mouth, saliva constantly lubricating the thing even more. She even tried to bite down on it, but the man was still pressing down on her cheeks with his hand, stopping any attempted attack with brute application of pain. Lucky for Ghiblimin the man didn't last long. Only thirty seconds or so and he started spewing his load all over the small woman. First it went to her mouth, then on her cheek and hair and finally the last drops were smeared on her breasts, making her nipples stand up erect.

“You like that, huh, bitch? That's what you wanted, right?” She tried to resist and shook her body, trying to get away from her assailant. The man slapped her across the face and grabbed her arm to make sure she wouldn't even try to get away. Even the idea was wasted though, about 10 men were gathered around her supple body, waiting to dig in. A tear ran down her cheek. The man continued:

“I think you guys want some of this booty too, huh?” He ripped Ghiblimin's shirt off her, stripping her upper body bare. Then he proceeded to promptly lift her small body up against the previous Bloodbowl table, now to be turned into an altar of sin filled orgies, and dropped Ghiblimin's panties down to her knees. Digging a finger straight into her pussy he bellowed out:

“You dirty bitch, you're already wet! You been thinking of us before you came here? Or did you enjoy giving me a blowjob that much? Well we'll give you a main course very soon, don't you worry! You'll get what you want!” He started coiling his finger around wildly and none too gently. The woman coiled and let out ragged sobs, mostly caused by pain and humiliation. Even being dead-drunk wasn't enough to hide the gravity of the situation from her.

“... Please, just... stop! Please!” Her voice was but a frail sigh and it was soon drowned out by a general laughter and a slap on her naked ass, skirt covering only most of her lower back at this point.

The original assailant took his finger out of her pussy, forced her to lick it clean and then fell back in order to let other people finally take their rightful piece of the juicy woman almost force fed to them.

Three guys went in for her first, they had all been warming up quite heavily while looking at the ongoing rape. One of the guys, rather heavy of build and hairy took a firm grip on Ghiblimin's ass and thrusted his bulging cock into her pussy with one go, shaking the woman like an earthquake shakes a shack and started thrusting at an ever-increasing speed like his life depended on it. Given the size of the man's equipment in relation to Ghiblimin it was probably most painful for her. At the same time a lightly built nerd decided it was his turn to get a free blowjob, thrusting his rod into the already open wide mouth.

There was no chance to struggle, no possibility of being saved anymore. Ghiblimin knew it and she had obviously already accepted it, she had shut herself out, her body was now no more than a free collection of holes to fuck.

The third man kept masturbating himself but also started pressing his dick against Ghiblimin, especially stroking it against her breasts. It took a few minutes for him and the lightly built nerd to come, they threw what semen they could on her hair to mock her and then smeared the rest on her face, breasts and rear.

The large man was still keeping up however. He was thrusting like no tomorrow, probably causing massive internal injuries to the woman but he still seemed to be unsatisfied. After a few more minutes, during which a couple of young blokes walked up to Ghiblimin and came on her face by their own hand and then forced her to clear their dicks the man finally grew tired of fucking Ghiblimin's pussy. He lifted her up like it was the easiest thing in the world and rose on the table. He asked another guy to come lie down on the table, slid Ghiblimin on top of the guy, her pussy taking his hard cock in like it never even was, and then he positioned himself behind Ghiblimin and started lubricating her ass with her own juices which were by now flowing rather freely.

As the man underneath Ghiblimin started grinding in and the big man was lubricating her ass three more men stood up on the table. Again one of them took up the offer of a free blowjob which was by now welcomed with a rather eager mouth. The two others however took up a position on both sides of their sex toy and gave their dicks to be stoked by Ghiblimin's hands.

As Ghiblimin started to give the handjobs and blowjob she'd been ordered to the heavy and hairy man decided her ass was lubricated enough. He thrusted in, first going rather curiously and even a bit cautiously but then tightening up the pace, his groans mingling in with Ghiblimin's gags, gasps and sobs and the heavy breathing of every male in the room.

The first one to come was one of the handjob-guys. His sperm shoot out all of a sudden further stickying Ghiblimin's shoulders and hair. She even had some come in her ear. Next came the man getting the blowjob, he pulled out quickly and came while poking the tip of his penis on her red nipples.

Then came, almost simultaneously, both the big and hairy man and the man fucking Ghiblimin's cunt. As their thrusts came to a halt the woman suddenly grabbed the remaining dick in between her breasts, now slimy from come and made multiple quick strokes on the dick with her breasts pushing around it.

An hour later as the last drops of semen dropped from the tips of her breasts down on her thighs, her pussy overflowing with come mixed with drops of blood, her ass hurting like hell after being filled and emptied time and time again she was finally left alone. Her clothes were but a pile of shreds in the corner of the room, her pride even less. Tears started flowing down her cheeks. She was waiting for the door to slam shut, to leave her alone in the dark. The door stayed open, however.

Slowly she opened her eyes. Through her smudged vision she could make out figures in the corridor. There was a lot of them. The foremost took a step inside the club room and closed the door. All was dark and silent again.

For a moment.

Violation of the not so innocent brought to you by Anonymous