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  • Alien orbital fleet observations Data Analysis (basic): Complete
  • In-atmosphere Alien observations Data Analysis (basic): Complete
  • Alien landing sites Data Analysis (basic): Complete
  • Alien communication Data Analysis (basic): Complete
  • Alien communication Lab Tests (basic): 0/1000

Covert Operations


  • Carrier crew cleared, gained potential blackmailing material against numerous crew members.


  • Russia: Clear
  • China: Clear
  • India: Clear
  • USA: BSS have landed
  • Central America: Clear, expecting contact
  • Canada: Clear, expecting contact


  • South-Africa, Zambia: BSS shoots down passenger planes
    • BSS in question lands in Brazil, outside Rio-De-Janeiro
      • Operation Surprise Party
  • BSS spotted in Hawaii


“No Battle Plan Survives Contact With the Enemy”
-Moltke the Elder

Operation Surprise Party

Air superiority over the BSS in Brazil

  • Pursuit the BSS to Canada. Khan and Dakka engage in air battle.
    • Dakka is destroyed, pilot ejects safely. 128.5 to retrieve Dakka
    • Khan downs the BSS

Investigation of the grounded UFO with ground assault team

  • Assault team paradrops successfully into Canada.
    • Assault team engages pair of BSE, shroom, outside the crashed BSS. Private Bill KIA, CoD: Shroom red beam
    • Assault team assaults pair of BSE, shroom, inside the crashed BSS. Private Bruno KIA, CoD: Shroom red beam
    • Assault team secures the crashed UFO and extracts information and materials.


  • Vulcan Heavy Fighter
  • Privates Bill, Bruno


  • Air: Khan personal, Gun camera, Electronic data
  • Ground:

Operation Surprise Party is considered a great success.

Alien Information

Bugai Sha (Eng. outsider) threat, BS.
Bugai Sha Ship, BSS.
Bugai Sha Entity, BSE.


  • BSS: Sudoku-class, small alien ship, seen landing in countries
    • Maneuvers:
      • Commit sudoku: move forward 1 square, turn 45 degrees right
    • Weapons:
      • Red beam, Frontal arc?, deadly
    • Extremely durable
    • Thrust: 4
    • Synopsis: Dangerous and durable small ship. Has low weapons range and does not seem to be extremely nimble thus a skilled pilot is able to outmaneuver it. See: Operation Surprise Party, Khan's debriefing.


  • BSE: Shroom, small alien, resembles a green and yellow mushroom with tentacles.
    • Very durable.
    • Extremely maneuverable, able to hover through air
    • Weapons: Shroom red beam, extremely deadly. Barbed tentacles in melee with paralytic effect.
    • Synopsis: Concentrate fire to kill these things before they swarm anyone. We lost private Bill in the first encounter. See: Operation Surprise Party.