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Armor 15L/20B
Health: Ux35/Mx20/Cx10/I/D

Hull sealing system: The hull is divided into compartments that seal when flooded. The hull is built with an artefact net that makes it semisealing, preventing small leaks and reducing larger ones.

4 Artefact pumps. The Fire hoses can also be used as weapons. Anyone trying to advance or do anything while being hosed needs to succeed in a str+athletics (5) test.


Speed: 15/30 mph
Maneuverability: -3S

"Hull slickening system (name pending)". Speed halves and maneuverability doubles when not in use.

Power Source:

2 Bound demons. They do not regain motes normally, but instead the artefacts they are bound in have 5 hearthstone sockets each. All have a single 1 point hearthstone set in them.

Storage: 100m
Recharge: 20m/h

Glow Cannon: 2m/shot
Fire Mirror: 40m/shot
Screamer: 20m/shot
Hull Sealing system: 10m/10min (the hull sealing part - compartments stay sealed unpowered)
"Hull Slickening System": 10m/h
Pump: 1m/min


  • 24 Glow Cannon. Also able to fire as a light fire cannon. Can be powered by the gunner or the ship.
  • 2 Screamer. 20ft area effect, double soak against attack. Damages all in 20-yard radius. It takes 5 minutes to reload. Can be powered by the gunner or the ship.
  • Fire Mirror. Sets fire to anything targeted within range 2000. Can be powered by the gunner or the ship.
  • The ship also has 2 Sailcutters in the bow and 2 Heavy Onagers mounted on swivel mounts on the sides.
  • The Screamers accuracy is for a castle sized target. Everything else is for a ship.
                       Speed	Acc	Damage	Rate	Range	Reload
Light Fire Cannon	6	-3	20L	1	50(max)	10
Glow Cannon		6	0	15L	1	300	20
Screamer		6	-5	40B		800	500
Sailcutter		6	-2	6L	1	80	10
Heavy Onager		6	-3	25L/8	1	200	20
Fire hoses		6	0	0		10


Full combat maneuverability: 150
Full travel speed (assuming untiring crew): 30
Skeleton crew: 12

8 per Glow Cannon = 96 (assuming only manning the guns on one side)
8 per Heavy Onager = 16
5 per sailcutter = 10

Total needed combat crew: 150+122=272

Specialists (artisans, weathermen, armorers, navigators, priests, medicine men, thaumaturges...): 30

Marines: 200 (annettu alkuun)

Total minimum suggested crew: 502

Other equipment:

2 x 36 ft longboats (big and slow, but can carry a lot of cargo)
4 x 28 ft cutters (sleek and relatively fast to row)