EIA:Blucher track

Loikkaa: valikkoon, hakuun

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  • The track is activated when the game enters to PHASE III
  • At the beginning of the Blücher track, if Brunswick is dead or exiled he is immediately retuned to play.
  • Brunswick cannot be exiled while track < 12.

The track

0. Brunswick returns

  1. Palatinate goes neutral, if controlled by Prussia
  2. Duchies goes neutral, regardless of controller
  3. Hanover goes neutral if controlled by the British (KGL)
  4. Saxony becomes a free state, if controlled by Prussia
  5. Prussia recieves double MP from homeland in the next economic phase
  6. Remove Brunswick, Blucher arrives.

Moving on the track

The track is moved as follows:

  • France conquers Kleves +1
  • Brunswick commands a battle +1
  • Brunswick win a battle +1
  • Brunswick loses a battle +2
  • Prussia surrenders, conditional +5
  • Prussia surrenders, unconditional +8
  • A major power surrender to Prussia +2
  • Brunswick is killed +12