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So lets clear the air, grab a chair
I got flair when I fight a bear
I rip off his skin for my wife to wear
I did it for a dare, I'm your worst nightmare
Look close, at my facial hair

Now relax, face facts, a fight with you would be an anticlimax
When you go to war you dont take of your slacks
Look at me - I'm tough, I fight in the buff
I could say more but I've said enough so...

Have some grace, shut your face!

Seems to me that you're not even skilled
I could fill a lake with the blood I've spilled
I decorate my house with heads of men I've killed
I'd stab you right now but I'm trying to chill

Yeah you got a brain but you've just got one
I've got five on my belt from the battles I've won
In a rage, on a rampage, I've killed more men then old age

You're just killing the enemy, that's lazy
I kill my own people, I'm that crazy
I go berserk and my eyes go glazy
I get so mad I could stab a daisy

Think a while! Look at your style man, that's vile!
You look like you've been dressed by a reptile
You're a steaming pile, I'm dressed like a king
I wear a torc round my neck when I'm doing my killing
And on my finger, I'm wearing a ring
When I said I fight nude I wasn't counting my bling!

Oh! And I paint myself blue!

That is way, way cooler than you! 


XP: 3

HP 10(12)
MR 10 (10)
Morale 11 (10)
Strength 10 (11)
Attack 11 (10)
Defense 11 (10)
Precision 10 (10)

Proficiency: Dagger, sling, Shield, Helmets heavy, One handed axes

Current class: Carnute bare chested warrior

Special: Standard

Equipment: Iron cap (16), 2 Axes (7, -1 def), Shield (16, -1 def, parry 4), 2 short swords (5, +2 def)

Defense with axe 9+4 parry=13
Defense with short sword 12+parry4=16
Defense with dual wield short swords 15

Attacks: Axe +11, damage 17
Sling +8, damage 8
Dual wield axes: +9, damage 17
Short sword +11, dmg 15
Dual wield short swords: +9, dmg 15

Spells to learn: Eagle eyes, Sleep, Shadow bolt

Afflictions: Battle fright