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Arendel 2500gp -10%	

Lvl 11 human cleric of Helm
Lawful Good

Str: 14
Dex: 13
Con: 16
Wis: 20
Int: 10
Cha: 6

HP: 91

7 +3 =10
3 +1 =4
7 +5 =12

Ring of Protection +1
Ring of Water Walking
Shield Heavy Steel +1

Wand of Eagle's Splendor (29 Charges) (DMG)

Potion of Blur
Potion of Resist Energy (Electricity) (DMG)
Potion of Cat's Grace (DMG)
Potion of Resist Energy (Cold) (DMG)

Scroll of Owl's Wisdom
Scroll of Warp Wood
Scroll (Arcane/1): Disguise self/1  Disguise self/2  Unseen servant/1  
Scroll (Arcane/1): Protection from evil/1  Daze monster/2  Cat's grace/2  
Scroll (Divine/3): Divine favor/1  Entangle/1  Cause fear/1  
Scroll (Arcane/3): Endure elements/1  
Scroll (Divine/1): Flaming sphere/2  

2x true seeing
10x incense
10x holy water
10x diamond stuff(100gp)
4x stoneskin

13+3= 16 Concentration
13+0= 13 Spellcraft
13+0= 13 Knowledge Religion

Power Attack
Extend spell
Improved Initiative
Spell Penetration
Greater Spell Penetration (+4)

xp 10999