In English

Excalibur is a club for roleplaying games, card games, board games, miniature games and other traditional games.

If you are interested, the clubroom is in Rakennustalo, near the main enterance in the old info booth.

Becoming a member

When you wish to join, you first need to pay the membership fee according to the instructions below. Then you should send an e-mail to the club board (address: excalibur-hallitus (at) about joining.

The membership fee is 10 euros. New members get the following year’s membership as well if:

  1. He/She hasn’t been a member of Excalibur before, and
  2. is joining after the 1st of August

You can pay the fee to our bank account with your name as the message. The account number is UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Write into message (Include the word Fuksi in if you are a freshman):
(Fuksi)Jäsenmaksu <Year> <Your Name>
(e.g. “Fuksij√§senmaksu 2016 Mike Megalarper”)

Contact information

The mailing list of the members:
excalibur-jasenet (at) (more information, and joining)

The mailing list of the board:
excalibur-hallitus (at)


IRC channel:
#xcalibur (IRCnet)