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== Käytössä ==
== Käytössä ==
* Exp: 80
* Exp: 84
*# 5+8+8+7+8+5+9 = 50
*# 5+8+8+7+8+5+9 = 50
*# 6+5+5+6+4+4
*# 6+5+5+6+4+4+4
* Solar: 58
* Solar: 63
*# 2+4+4+3+8+4+5 = 30
*# 2+4+4+3+8+4+5 = 30
*# 4+5+5+6+4+4
*# 4+5+5+6+4+4+5
=== Käytetty ===
=== Käytetty ===
(Normaali exp menee vain Tenhoihin ja Solar exp kaikkeen muuhun jos ei erikseen mainittu.)
(Normaali exp menee vain Tenhoihin ja Solar exp kaikkeen muuhun jos ei erikseen mainittu.)
58 -> käyttämättä 22 <BR/>
58 -> käyttämättä 26 <BR/>
15 + 16 + 3 = 34 -> käyttämättä 24
15 + 16 + 3 = 34 -> käyttämättä 29
== Nostettu ==
== Nostettu ==

Versio 15. tammikuuta 2020 kello 21.47


  • Exp: 84
    1. 5+8+8+7+8+5+9 = 50
    2. 6+5+5+6+4+4+4
  • Solar: 63
    1. 2+4+4+3+8+4+5 = 30
    2. 4+5+5+6+4+4+5


(Normaali exp menee vain Tenhoihin ja Solar exp kaikkeen muuhun jos ei erikseen mainittu.)

58 -> käyttämättä 26
15 + 16 + 3 = 34 -> käyttämättä 29



Ability Nosto Exp Opettelu
Investigation 0->1 3xp Paljon tutkimista alkuaikoina.
Melee 4->5 7xp Matkalla kaakkoon Rahmanin kanssa.
Socialize 3->4 5xp Jenlein väkeen tutustuttaessa.
Yhteensä 15xp


Attribute Nosto Exp Milloin / Miten
Wits 4->5 16xp Jenleissä olon aikana.
Yhteensä 0


Nimi Abil Exp Opettelu
Authority-Radiating Stance Pre 8xp Kirkkanteoissa 1. yhteisen matkan jälkeen
Crowned King of Eternity Pre 8xp Kirkkanteoissa 1. yhteisen matkan jälkeen
Watchman’s Infallible Eye Inv 10xp Kirkkanteoissa 1. yhteisen matkan jälkeen
Mastery of Small Manners Soc 8xp Matkalla kaakkoon Rahmanin kanssa.
Bulwark Stance Mel 8xp Jenlein kaupungissa.
Motive-Discerning Technique (2) Soc 8xp Ajettaessa Keisarikuntaa Jenleistä.
Listener-Swaying Argument Pre 8xp Jenlein pomojen suostuttelua.
Yhteensä 6 kpl 58 xp


Merit Nosto Hinta Muuta
Resources 1->2 3xp Loistavan Aallon sanctumista kerätty tavaroita, joita myyty & tehty sijoituksia.


Investigation 1->2, Awareness 2->3


  • Athletics
    • Graceful Crane Stance: Always keep balance, weight near zero for walking on branches, etc.
      • Feather Foot Style: 3m; Supplemental (Until the Exalt stops running); Mute; Can run over liquid, thin or dangerous surfaces; On non-dangerous can even stop (Dur "1 stunt").
    • Monkey Leap Technique: 2m, Suppl, Instant; Leap forward or straight up one range band. Cost 1m on following turns.
  • Bureaucracy
    • Consumer-Evaluating Glance: Learn things about bargaining partner.
    • Deft Official’s Way: Understand laws and bureucratic obstacles.
      • Speed the Wheels: By speaking with the right individuals and in just the right way, the Solar sets a bureaucracy’s wheels in motion at record speed. While this charm doesn’t affect material labor (such as building a road or receiving a shipment), the organization, planning, approval, etc of a single task all occur significantly faster. Reduce the time required by two increments. (Bureaucracy 5, Cost: 8m; Simple (One task))
  • Dodge
    • Reed in the Wind
      • Dust Motes Whirling, Reflex Sidestep Technique
  • Integrity
    • Mind-Cleansing Prana: Ess 2, gain succ to next scene "wisdom" rolls
      • Energy Restoration Prana: Gain 1 night's rest with 1 hour of meditation.
  • Linguistics
    • Strange Tongue Understanding: Understand other languages; Ess 2 -> scene.
  • Melee
    • Fire and Stones Strike: Add dice to damage; max Str to Withering, max Ess to Decisive.
    • One Weapon, Two Blows: Get another attack after dropping opponent below my initiative.
    • Hail-Shattering Practice: This charm supplements a Parry. The attack gains Penalized 1s and 2s. (Cost: 4m; Supplemental (Instant) )
    • Fivefold Bulwark Stance: 5m, 1wp; Simple; Scene. Ignore wound, onslaught & grapple penalties to Parry. DipSwDef -1m, +1 Parry; BulwSt -2m.
    • Heavenly Guardian Defense: This charm supplements a Parry against a Decisive attack, after damage has been rolled. Reduce the damage dealt by one level per initiative spent. If an attack would deal uncountable reoccurring damage (such as an exploding volcano or a swirling maelstrom of adamant blades), she may instead spend 4m, 1wp to block all damage. (Cost: 4m + 1i per success, or 4m, 1wp ; Supplemental (Instant) - Post-roll)
    • Iron Raptor Technique: This charm supplements a Melee attack, allowing the Solar target opponents at up to Medium range. If the attack crashes the opponent, she gains 1wp. (Cost: 7m ; Supplemental (Instant) - Mute, Quickshot)
    • War Lion Stance: Defend other actions are reflexive.
  • Occult
    • Spirit-Detecting Glance
  • Performance
    • Respect-Commanding Attitude: Cha+Perf, if > Resolve must stop and pay attention until performance ends. Must spend 1 Wp to do otherwise; another 1 Wp to attack.
    • Shining Expression Style: Hide my doing the Inspire action.
    • Soul-Firing Performance: Persuade gets Ess succ; I do not need to use Wp to overturn any opposed influence.
  • Presence
    • Tiger’s Dread Symmetry: If attack me from stealth, Attr+Intg, diff Ess or pay 1Wp. I may Threaten covertly, reflexive Read Intentions to notice.
    • Threefold Magnetic Ardor: Supplement Instill, Persuade or Threaten attempt. Bonus dice from higher App (count as +1) become non-charm bonus succ.
  • Resistance
    • Front-Line Warrior’s Stamina: Gain Initiative by rolling Permanent Health Level of dice.
  • Sail (Ship-Claiming Stance,
    • Immortal Mariner’s Advantage: Disappearing 1s & 2s.
  • Socialize
    • Wise-Eyed Courtier Method: The Solar makes a single Read Intentions roll with (Essence) automatic successes, and applies it to discern the motives and emotions of everyone she’s aware of nearby. (Cost: 6m; Simple (Instant) )
    • Night Passes Over: Ignore all penalties to Guile.
      • Intent-Tracing Stare: Notice Read Intentions actions, possibly also who is doing it.
      • Indecent Proposal Method: My suggestions seem innocent & non-offensive
  • Stealth
    • Blinding Battle Feint: Join Battle with Stealth and be concealed from those with lower Initiative.