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® is for royalty. Royal leaders cause +1/-1 PP swing, just like Napoleon on standard rules. French Bonapartists and Republicans are available according to revolution track.


Alvintzi 123C

Ott 322D*

Bellegarde 233B (1796)

Johann ® 112D (1800)

Kolowrat 123B (1800)

Charles ® 446A (1797)

Pacifist: If Austria declares a war (except from a call to allies), Charles is unavailable for 1d6 months. If any nation (except Britain) becomes Dominant, this restriction no longer applies for the rest of the game. (even if the new dominant power is stripped of the status)

Mack ® 134B (1804)

Hiller (1809) 122D

Swartzenberg (1810) 226B

Wurmser 132B (Remove 1997)

Saxe-Coburg 223B

Beaulieu 332B

Kray 323C (Remove 1800)


Moore 342B (1797)

York® 222A

Abercromby 342B (1797)

Dundas 222B (1803)

Cornwallis 233B (1797, Remove 1805)

Moira 232B

Chatham 122B

Hill 332C (1808)

Beresford 331D (1807)

Murray (1809 – unavailable if GB is at war with USA) 213C

Wellington (1806) 443C

Wellington (1809) 454B

Wellington (1809 and Napoleon has been exiled) 455A


Hoche 454B* (Republican)

Moreau 445B (Republican)

Dumouriez 333C (Republican)

Kleber 343D (Republican)

Marceau 432C (Republican)

Lafayette 132C (Republican)

Pichru 343C (Republican)

Desaix 442B* (Republican)

General Bonaparte 553C (Available as according to revolution track. After defeating 3 enemy corps is upgraded to Consul. Bonaparte cannot be killed)

Consul Bonaparte 554B (After defeating 4 enemy corps is upgraded to Napoleon. Bonaparte cannot be killed)

Napoleon® 556A

Napoleon® (Back from exile) 455A

Murat 233B*

Davout 452C

Massena 443C

Soult 333C

Lannes 241D (If a French leader is wounded, the shot is transfered to Lannes. If this happens, Lannes dies)

Ney 241C

Mortier 322D

Eugene(1806) 331C

Suchet(1808) 332C

Marmont(1810) 222D

Vandamme(1809) 321D (Inherits Lannes’ special ability if Lannes is dead)

Bernadotte 222C

La Salle – LaSalle must stack with La Salle’s Light Cavalry and cannot command other units. La Salle may lead the French guard when it is committed. La Salle is never wounded. If he is hit, he is dead.


Grand Vizier 225A (If G.V. dies, Turkey loses a PP. 1d6 turns later, new G.V. arrives)

Abdurrahman 222C*

Selim II® 116A

Hakki 222D*

Husrev 223C

Krurshid 222C

Ali Pasha 232B (must stack with Albanian FeodalI)

Pehlivan Khan 343B

Beylerbey® 123C (must stack with a feudal corps)

Bayrakdar (1808, remove G.V. and Selim II) 233B

Mahmud II® (1809, Remove Bayrakdar, return G.V. Turkish regular cavalry improves to morale 4)

Suur-Moguli 236A (available according to Russia track. If Suur-Moguli dies, Turkey loses a PP. 1d6 turns later, G.V. arrives))


F. Wilheml II® 123A (Remove 1797)

Hohenlohe 124B

F. Wilhelm III® 112A (1797)

Louisa® 231D (1797, upgrades to 333A when second war (after Louisa’s arrival)

between France and Prussia breaks out)

Brunswick 224A (Remove according to Blucher track)

Blucher 345C* (available according to Blucher track, 1810 promotion: 345B*)

Gneissenau 335D (available if Blucher is not)

Scharnhorst 334D (Available if Blucher and Gneissenau are not)

Mollendorf 322C

Yorck (1812) 232D

Bulow(1808) 222C


Suvarov 454B* (Remove according to Russia track)

Buxhowden 212C

Platov 221D* (available after enemy forces enter Russia for the first time, after 1805)

Alexander I® 125A (1801)

Bagration 243C

Kutuzov 344B

Dochturov (1806) 222D

Benningsen (1807) 223B

Wittgenstein (1808) 222C

Miloradovich (1809) 232C

Barclay (1810) 334B

Barclay (replace after Barclay wins a field battle) 336A

Rayevski (1808) 222D

Tormassov (1812) 123C

Yermolov (Available after Kutuzov wins a field battle) 222C


Caro 221C

Godoy 113A

Castanos 333B

De La Cuesta (1807) 123B

Blake (1806) 224B

La Romana (1808) 223B

Palafox (available after first guerrilla appears, not before 1800) 231D

Araizaga (1809) 212C

Del Parque (available after spanish corps I wins a field battle, not before 1800) 232C

Giron (1810) 222B

Ferdinand® 222B (Available after Spain recaptures Madrid from enemy)

Ballesteros 421C (Available 3 months after Ferdinand is available)

Minors (must stack with own corps)

Bavaria: Wrede 222C

Denmark: Frederick VI® 122B

Morocco: Mulay Sliman® 321B

Egypt: Mehmet Ali 342C*

Algeria: Murad 112C*


Hasan Quli® 222B

Fath Ali® 123A

Ali Mirza® 322C


Kostiuszko 344A (Remove after Poland is destroyed)

Kosojuszko 232B

Ponjatowski 231B


Gustav III® 113A (remove 1808)

Adlercreutz 233B

Sandels 241D (cannot operate outside Finland/Karelia. If Sandels is in Finland, Finland has guerrilla value 4)

Döbeln 332C

Bernadotte® (1810) 323A


Broglie 344B

Conde® 124B

Coigny 223D

Bouille 332C

Angouleme® 115B


Cardinal Ruffo 122D (Ruffo takes no prisoners: All troops captured by a stack led by Ruffo are eliminated instead. Leaders are not eliminated)

Naval pomot

British Nelson 44D After winning a naval battle, is promoted. First to 45B, then 55A Collingwood 44B(1804) Pellew 33B(1809) Smith 23C(1795) Cochrane 55D(1800) Can only command pure frigate fleets Default 22D

French Villeneuve 33A (Bonapartist) Willaumez 22C (Bonapartist) Truguet 22C (1809) Default 21D

Spain Don Carlos Gravina 22A Navarrete 22B(1800) Default 21D

Russia Chicagov 22A Ushakov 33C Default 21D

Turkey Kaputan Pasha 22A Jos Kaputan Pasha kuolee, menettää Turkki 1PP ja 1d6 kk myöhemmin tulee uusi Kaputan Pasha. Hussein Pasha 22C Default 21D

Dutch Huell 23C

Swedish Cronstedt 22B Cederström 23C